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Yaseen Khan – NSC Global


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Yaseen Khan – NSC Global :

Yaseen Khan – NSC Global


As a privately based organization with no external investors,  Yaseen Khan built the NSC global in 1997 in order to focus on a long term relationships across a smaller number of clients with a deep qualification process to ensure a good partnership fit for the delivery of highly bespoke engagements


Yaseen Khan of a basic foremost: global corporate organisations needed an expert agile practical partner who would help them when they needed it. 


He maintains an active participation in the company's performance and future role as managing director, driving new initiatives through sales, financial, logistics and commercial teams. He has an extensive background in network technology sales, having experience at all levels, prior to launching NSC Global. 


He established the principles on which the company's success is built, that is, to enable global corporate organisations to serve their own clients better, by acting as a unique and highly practical business partner through which they could optimally source and apply leading edge networking technologies without spending much but still gets over the top quality to help their businesses.


Today , NSC Global has helped top-notch companies all over the world transform into agile and world-leading organisations in Financial Services, Outsourcing, Telecommunications and other industry sectors around the globe with a number of 2000 staff across 25 regional offices.

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