Benefits of Powder Coated Steel over Liquid Coated Steel

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Do you know using powder coating is a new trend? Are you aware of the benefits offered by powder coated steel over liquid coated steel? If not, then read this document to gain better insights about the same. For more info visit


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Benefits of Powder Coated Steel over Liquid Coated Steel Y A R D M A R K A U S T R A L I A

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YARDMARK AUSTRALIA Powder coating is a new method of applying a dry and protective coat of fine pigmented particles on the metal surface such as powder coated steel. The fine particles are mainly well-grounded pigment and resin. This pigmented powder is then coated on the target metal surface electrostatically. The powder particle gets electrostatically charged and stick to the surface which is then heated to allow the fusion of powder onto the surface by the process of curing. The coating appears highly uniform long-lasting and appealing. Powder coating is gaining popularity for both industrial and personal purposes. However it is observed that for industrial purposes it is replacing the use of liquid coated steel significantly. The major reason for such a shift is the non-toxic nature and low flammable property of the powder coating. But the benefits of powder coated steel over liquid coated steel do not limit here. There are other reasons also which make powder coating a preferable choice such as:

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HIGHLY EFFICIENT: The principle of electromagnetic application of particles onto the metal surface increases the overall efficiency of the process. Moreover a professional need not apply the multiple layers. He can apply one layer and need not wait for drying the coat instead one can directly proceed for the curing process. This saves a lot of time as well as money which later reduces the overall operating cost of the method. LONG-LASTING IMPACT: In terms of durability powdered coated steel surpasses any other paint methods. The reason for this is the formation of the long chemical chain when the powder is sprayed and cured. This makes the finished coat more flexible and appealing in comparison to the traditional coating method. Thus when the metal objects vibrate or moves it allows a small amount of bending which makes it resistant to a condition like chipping flaking scratches and rusting.

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VARIABILITY AT ITS PEAK: One of the common problems faced with traditional coating method was limited choice of colours and pattern. However with powder-coating you can completely customize the coated colour finish as well as the patterns. You can blend the coloured powder with any surface colour along with an option of creating patterns like wrinkles patches and glitter. To add more to this you can create a range of finish from matte to completely shiny and glossy look. This gives the powdered coated steel completely new and unique appearance. ECO-FRIENDLY PROPERTY: The powder coating method is considered to be safe for the environment as the powder used is free of toxic solvents and harmful chemicals. This makes powdered coat safe for disposal into the environment. Moreover as the application process is based on spraying it generates very waste less in comparison to other methods.

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YARDMARK AUSTRALIA We are a well-established company with years of experience in providing solutions for corrosion prevention and control with the help of powder coating. We have catered to variety of customers expanding across the industrial commercial and residential sectors for both indoor and outdoor material such as motorbike cars bike frames aluminium and powdered coated steel gates and other metal surfaces. Our experienced staffs have been equipped with state of the art technology to provide the best quality driven coating services. We have specialisation in providing powder coating and sandblasting services for fabrications rust removal metal protection and industrial coatings. To know more about our services feel free to contact us. Our team will be happy to help you with all the details and quotation of the work. If you are looking for a service provider offering powder coating then go no further than Yardmark Powder Coating. Yardmark Australia 62 Mologa Road Heidelberg West VIC 3081

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