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EXPERT SYSTEM Expert system – is an information system application that captures the knowledge or expertise of a specialist and then simulates the “thinking” of that expert for those with less or no expertise. - Expert systems are also called knowledge based systems or artificial intelligence based systems. - Integration of database management system (DBMS) with expert systems for developing software for applications that require knowledge oriented processing of shared and scattered information. Also called knowledge base management system.


EXPERT SYSTEM THE KNOWLEDGE BASE The main purpose of the knowledge base is to provide the guts of the expert system the connections between ideas, concepts, and statistical probabilities that allow the reasoning part of the system to perform an accurate evaluation of a potential problem. Knowledge bases are traditionally described as large systems of "if then" statements


EXPERT SYSTEM THE USER INTERFACE For the last several years, interface designs for expert systems have hinged on graphical capabilities and unconventional methods of entering data into the system. Graphical interfaces can supply information in any number of forms: simple text "dressed up" in windows, pop-up menus, or actual graphical objects.


EXPERT SYSTEM THE OPERATING SYSTEM The computer's operating system plays an important role in the implementation of an expert system. The operating system provides the basic capabilities of the machine to the expert system, including file management, some user interface support, memory management, and interfaces to other products that might be wanted to share information that is contained in the expert system.


EXPERT SYSTEM - expert database system is in the Decision Making, Problem Solving, & Strategy, Information & Knowledge Management and Information Science & Technology subjects.


EXPERT SYSTEM Example: A plastic manufacturer uses an expert system to determine the cause of quality control problems associated with a sophisticated machine press. - describe the way an expert system would approach situations in a specific domain of problems.

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