Kathy Griffin Has COOTIES

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A family member revealed a shocking secret about Kathy Griffin. It appears she was a dirty, dirty girl who refused to wash her hands. A former nun at St.Bernadines admitted that a Kathleen Mary Griffin was responsible for spreading cooties to thirty-eight classmates.


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SNOTTY CELEBRITY NEWS SNOTTY CELEBRITY NEWS A family member broke rank and revealed the family secret.

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MULBERRY LN Lot #20 Aren’t you afraid of speaking out?

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MULBERRY LN Lot #20 Kathy don’t mess with Auntie Mandy or Auntie Sandy.

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MULBERRY LN Lot #20 Kathy was always a dirty girl…

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MULBERRY LN Lot #20 She refused to wear her panties in the sandbox.

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MULBERRY LN Lot #20 Ask her teacher what happened at St. Bernadine's Elementary…

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I’m former Sister Mary Bernard and I was Kathy’s fourth grade teacher.

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I can tell you Kathleen Mary Griffin was a filthy, filthy girl…and infested with cooties!

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She never used toilet paper or washed her hands… she was….disgusting!

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Sister Superior finally suspended Kathy for infecting thirty-eight students at St. Bernadine's Elementary School.

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Honey…get me another wine and Dr. Pepper.

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SNOTTY CELEBRITY NEWS SNOTTY CELEBRITY NEWS We agree with Kathy’s forth grade teacher. Kathy Griffin...is..a dirty…dirty girl.

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