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GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL EVP I’m Harold Nutt ‘Team Leader’ of Ghost Hunters International, Scranton Chapter.

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GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL EVP However, the brilliant ‘sensitive’ ‘Blind Billy’ is leading the investigation tonight.

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GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL EVP As you know, ‘Blind Billy’ discovered his gift last year after hitting his head on a urinal.

Slide 5: 

Hey blind boy…are you ok?

Slide 7: 

Mr. ex-con you were supposed to bring my umbrella ...

Slide 8: 

Sorry…I been forgettin’ things since you hit me in the head with a hammer.

Slide 9: 

This is it. The abandoned estate of escaped serial killer Fred C. O’Brien.

Slide 10: 

Maybe we should wait until light…

Slide 11: 

Maybe you should grow a pair.

Slide 12: 

Twenty years ago several bodies were found in this basement.

Slide 13: 

I need you two to be quiet so I can psychic sensitize….

Slide 16: 

Once again, ‘Blind Billy’s’ time is being wasted…

Slide 18: 

Being this gifted can be a burden…

Slide 19: 

‘Blind Billy’, we probably don’t have time for you to play with the cat.

Slide 20: 

The cat attacked me …get off me evil cat!

Slide 21: 

Quiet now…a spirit is approaching.

Slide 22: 

Spirit Guide..I’m waiting!

Slide 23: 

Aunt Lulu, you were supposed to wait in the car!

Slide 24: 

You’re making a mockery of the Ghost Hunting profession…

Slide 25: 

‘Blind Billy’ is not happy…he’s tired and wants to go to Applebees!

Slide 27: 

‘Blind Billy’ came dangerously close to discovering my secret…

Slide 28: 

Fred C. O’Brien is me SERIAL KILLER-TALK SHOW HOST Conan O’Brien!

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