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America's Got Talent 2010 has some under the radar contestants that you didn't see. The girl who sings for her schizophrenic sister Hazel, a reluctant high wire performer etc.


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Our first contestant is singer/songwriter Flip Mankowitz.

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Energetic and fun! You’re on to the next round. YES YES YES

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Boots McCall from Helena MT is going to sing God Bless America for us.

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Boots had to leave us unexpectedly.

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Next we have the kings of ‘opera fusion funk’ Mario, Germaine, Tito, and Randy.

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She doesn’t look happy…get her down from there. NO WAY

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Marilyn says she sings for her paranoid schizophrenic sister Hazel.

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Lovely, just lovely… YES YES YES

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You may know LaToya Dugger from the reality show ‘18 Kids and Counting’.

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x x x

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Interesting..but that’s three no’s. x x x

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Hazel dear…it’s the boys turn to perform now.

Slide 14: 

Sweetie…this is not the next great ‘Food Network Star’ show.

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x x x

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We’re closing the show with ‘glammed up’ AI runner-up Crystal Bowersox.

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Run Hazel run… Thank you for watching America’s got Talent’ Update…Hazel is Doing very, very, well and is getting her own reality show on Bravo this fall.

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