Oprah Interviews Loony Rielle Hunter

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Rielle Hunter shows her true colors as Oprah Winfrey interviews Rielle today. Rielle Hunter mistakes passerby as an Oprah producer and tells him her sordid story. A parody


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Slide 1: 

WELCOME OPRAH WINFREY Oprah is coming to visit me today…should I tell her everything?

Slide 2: 

WELCOME OPRAH WINFREY Are you an Oprah producer?

Slide 3: 

WELCOME OPRAH WINFREY Yeah, sure lady tell me your story.

Slide 4: 

FUTURE ‘LOVESHACK’ OF JOHN & RIELLE-HUNTER EDWARDS I’m counting the hours till my Johnny is free…

Slide 5: 

For some reason Johnny hasn’t been calling me back..

Slide 6: 

Mama bear is missing her papa bear!

Slide 7: 

I gotta leave now lady…..crazy lunatic woman.

Slide 8: 

Remember how we met here, and then went to your room?

Slide 9: 

You’re so hot ‘papa bear’.

Slide 10: 

Johnny, mama bear wants to give you something special.

Slide 11: 

So sad mama can’t have children papa bear.

Slide 12: 

Mama made a little mistake on that one Johnny…

Slide 13: 

Johnny you still haven’t called. Mama and kitty aren’t happy!

Slide 14: 

Mama bear thought papa bear might forget her…. so she used her web cam.

Slide 15: 

Johnny, I’ve just bitten the head off a bat, and I’m dismembering another!

Slide 16: 

I’m warning you..get over here.

Slide 17: 

I thought Johnny needed some more reminding so I posed in his old white shirt.

Slide 18: 

Mama’s going to have to send you a stronger message!

Slide 19: 

DO NOT ENTER MY SHED Mama has a secret storage shed…

Slide 20: 

Bob ignored me Johnny…I will not be ignored!

Slide 21: 

Bob ignored me Johnny…I will not be ignored! This is just how it’s going to be papa bear.

Slide 22: 

UPDATE Rielle Hunter is still delusional. John Edwards is secretly courting Martha Stewart. Oprah Winfrey is looking forward to leaving the crazy interviews to Jane Velez Mitchell.

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