America's Got Talent 2011 With Reggie Duckworth

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America's Got Talent 2011 featuring some great talent, creepy contestants, and the amazing Reggie Duckworth. AGT Dani Shay one to watch this year.


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Slide 1:

Reggie Duckworth.. ’ladies man’ and host… keeping it real… AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

Slide 2:

Rubbing your belly and farting ‘God Bless America’ not talent MMFlint… x x x

Slide 3:

It still smells in here. AGT

Slide 4:

You fugly…. x x x

Slide 5:

He a ‘little person’ who tryin to be a country singer like Charlie Pride…

Slide 6:

I can’t see him..but that don’t matter on the radio… AGT

Slide 7:

Freda cute..she wanna be a ‘Pussycat Doll’…

Slide 8:

Reggie don’t like to be scared! x x x

Slide 9:

Ricky B. say he collects shelter poodles and matchbox cars.

Slide 10:

‘Walter’s Krumpers’ just out of rehab…

Slide 11:

Krumping turned their lives around… I think the bald guy is still on meth.. AGT

Slide 12:

You boys real good..

Slide 13:

You remind Reggie of Shakira!

Slide 14:

Michael Moore is MMFlint and he’s still farting… Call security! AGT

Slide 15:

Reggie say goodnight now….

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