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What is Philosophy? Meno & Philosophy:

What is Philosophy? Meno & Philosophy UCOR 132-455 FA12 Term 2

What is Philosophy?:

What is Philosophy? The study of fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence , especially when considered as an academic discipline. It is also known as a set of views and theories of a particular philosopher concerning such a study or an aspect of it.

My thoughts….:

My thoughts…. Why do we exist? How do we reason? Where do our values & morals come from? Thinking about thinking Forming arguments Finding wisdom Learning about oneself, our soul

Socrates & Meno:

Socrates & Meno

Philosophy & Recollection:

Philosophy & Recollection What is the definition of recollection? The action of remembering something A memory Reminiscence Mind recall

How do we recall something from mind?:

How do we recall something from mind? One thinks about what one wants to recall There is a search in the mind of what has been learned An opinion or judgment is formed

The nature of recollection:

The nature of recollection Michael Phelps, an American swimmer has won 18 gold medals. How has he done this? How do we know what an achiever is? Dave Grohl is an amazing, fantastic singer & songwriter. Did this come naturally to him? How do we know his music is pleasing to the ears? Bobby Flay, a celebrity chef is well known for his Mexican and Southwest dishes. How does he present such flavorful dishes? How do we know his dishes are flavorful?

Socrates discusses with Meno:

Socrates discusses with Meno “As the whole, of nature is akin, and the soul has learned everything, nothing prevents a man, after recalling one thing only- a process men call learning- discovering everything else for himself, if he is brave and does not tire of the search, for searching and learning are, as a whole, recollection.” (81,b)

The soul is immortal:

The soul is immortal At times it comes to an end w hich is called dying. It is always reborn and never destroyed. Our soul has seen all things here and in the underworld. There is nothing it has not learned.

The Greek boy & recollection:

The Greek boy & recollection

What is recollection?:

What is recollection? “And he will know it without having been taught but only questioned, and find the knowledge within himself – Yes. ” “And he will know it without having been taught but only questioned, and find the knowledge within himself? – Yes ” “And is not finding knowledge within oneself recollection? - Certainly .” (85,d)

Works cited:

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By: Kristen Polanowski:

By: Kristen Polanowski

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