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Get a decal for your car today A car decal or a transfer as it is sometimes known is a piece of plastic paper or cloth that has a pattern or graphics printed on it. On the backside of this car decals a layer of adhesive is present which helps to stick the car decal in place. There are two type of decals available in the market one having an adhesive backside and another being made of a substance from which the design or pattern can be transferred to another surface on the application of heat or in some cases water. The term decal comes from the root word decalcomania which is the English translation for the same in French. The technique of decals in general was invented by an engraver from France named Simon Francois Ravenet who later moved to England with his techniques in the 19 th century and perfected them. Upon perfection the word got out in the market and the use of decals in everything starting from cars to other things was a widespread sensation. The properties of a decal As mentioned above the decal is a unique process derived from engraving and that it is why it has some unique properties associated with it which are as mentioned below-  The decal is made up of several layers and the top layer is constructed using materials like paper or film paper stock. The graphics that will be transferred is printed on the upper side of the face stock.  At the bottom of the face stock a layer of adhesive is applied.  To the upper side of the backing material a silicon or release coating layer is applied.  The bottom layer of the label stock is made from paper or film liner.  If necessary an RFID circuit can also be included in the film stock or paper. Different types of decals have different types of properties but the above-mentioned ones are more or less common to all. The application of decals Decals have a wide variety of printing applications and there is only limited to the user’s imagination. Starting from automobiles and scale models to guitars and drum sets decals have a strong presence in most of the industries known to us. Governments and private companies use car decals or graphics on their fleet of vehicles to make them stand out from the crowd of the rest. If they are being used by the government they are known as fleet markings and the government has made it mandatory to be used in all safety department vehicles like the fire law enforcement and natural disaster. Conclusion

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A car decals or graphics has been quite a sensation in the sensation in the market for a long time. It makes your vehicle stand out from a fleet of competitors and it is affordable as well so wait no more and get your car decals or graphics today To know more about car decals you can consult your local Printing Company Northern Virginia.

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