The Changing Technological Pastures and Customer Willingness to Board

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The Changing Technological Pastures and Customer Willingness to Board It

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Global Investors are keen on investing a huge amount in the Indian market as they visualize the avalanche growth of digital acceptance in the urban part of India. This foot is of growth the implementation of the “Digital India” Campaign but amidst all the political rhapsody the hurdles are still intact with digitizing India. And according to the recent Google BCG report only a creamy layer i.e 20 of India is using online payment methods for multi-utility bill payment through the trending online postpaid payment apps. With these horrifying statistics the dream of achieving the larger goal of digitally empowered India seems far-fetched. Even though in the recent Mckinsey report quotes that the internet users will increase by 40 by 2023 where all kinds of postpaid recharge like  Recharge DTH Online  are also being done over online methods but this kind of digital progress is only confined to one sector of rapidly growing urbanites Imagine the remaining 2/3rd of the country which is still at the verge of gaining access to clean drinking water proper education continuous electricity timely healthcare. With this kind of socio-economic backwardness still prevalent in rural India Digitizing is a colossal challenge. It has to be handled with care including the technological pastures and customer willingness.

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Here’s where Xpay.Life is contributing the best innovations to include rural areas to participate and accept the different online modes of financial transactions. Most people are hesitant to use online modes of transactions as cash dependancy is extreme. Why do people prefer cash over digital modes of paymentThe control of the cash and the immediate successful payment of the bills clearly defines the trust certainty and timely payment of bills. And it’s the simplest way for any financial transaction. Hence most population depends on hard cash Online payment is still a hazy topic for larger rural areas of India.For this to happen people are to be transitioned slowly from the world of hard cash long-queues waiting at lunch-breaks at the payment office bustling closing hours to the cashless world of digitalization. Hence cash accept machine kiosk is the primary outlet for introducing the digital world to the rural mass. This has seen significant growth in acceptance towards the digital modes of payment which was considered colossal feet to achieve. Thus with small but significant efforts from the Fintech leaders are providing the best opportunities for uplifting the rural cousin. Even though cloud computing the Internet of things and blockchain technology has made itself dominant in the technological market providing internet services to the remotest village is still a massive challenge. As the basic needs are supposed to be crafted and supplied for the masses there in this scenario owning a single computer will be of huge debt hence it is not as easy as the urban counterpart where payment of  Mobile Bill payment Online is just done in a snap of the finger.

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Slowly the challenges are dissolving pertaining to the digitization of rural India. Thanks to Modi Government and the many schemes under it like The Soubhagya scheme that is focusing on providing electricity to all households. To make this dream a reality innovations such as XPay.Life which provides perfect solution of collecting the bill payment through bill payment kiosk QR codes credit and debit cards application and through the website. This provides the user the comfort and freedom to use and accept the technology into their lives. Also lucrative offers are being provided by landline bill payment offers. They need not worry about where to pay your water bill online as there are different provisions for bill payment through a unique innovation called as Mobile vans that travels once a week to the desired area where the footfall is more and stays there all day to collect the bills through bill payment kiosk stationed inside the van Gas bill Online can be paid using one of the many payment outlets and provide the freedom to choose according to their comfort when it comes to bill payment. Thus it is like implementing the UN Millennium Development Objectives and IB Mission goals: “Think Globally and Act Locally.” is going to bring about a thunderous change in the bill payment sector.

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