Revamping Of The Mobile Payment Ecosystem By The Fintech Companies

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Revamping Of The Mobile Payment Ecosystem By The Fintech Companies

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The mobile payments ecosystem has been on an ever- rise since it’s an introduction by the market incubators and the innovators. This has successfully able to convert the cash-dominant society to a mobile-oriented payment system that initiates all multi-utility payments like  Bill Payment for Gas. The process has been highly dynamic with the revolutionizing technological advancements that are prioritizing the customer usage providing the robust payment infrastructure guided by the strong regulatory policies by the Government and benefit of technology marination into the daily lives of the Indian citizens. The bustling effect of the payment ladder with mobile payments service providers by following a strategy of “mobile- first” concept that insists on making the mobile the common and the only platform for the digitization of India and includes all kinds of urgent bill payments like Reliance big tv recharge online are done through mobiles. But the mobile capacity in terms of power backup and memory became a hurdle. As a solution the technical players came up with integrated super apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones which immediately brimmed the success mug. These applications were able to solve the limitations posed by the mobiles.

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The evolving needs of the customer have led the mobile payment service providers to innovate products or services integrated with the latest technology following a business model that generates high customer acceptance and digital engagement. The winning agenda came with a genius mix of the product or service that is ubiquitous contextual and integrated technology.Airtel postpaid broadband bill payment  or any other bill payment needs a system that is convenient and the below-mentioned points in detail. Ubiquitous is the ability of the service to be present everywhere regardless of the confining boundaries or channels. Omni- presence is the requirement of the hour.Integrated: The systems that can technically integrate the dynamic variation of the consumer and supplier demands. The volatility of the dynamics has been a humongous challenge which is aided by the exponential advancement in the technology.Contextual: The consumers need the modular payment options which are stationed on the urgency type of destination and the payment type.Online Recharge DTH  or mobile postpaid payment is made easy with the concept of context and convenience.

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Any Fintech leader would find a growth trajectory if it provides a holistic service portfolio to its users. To tap the PAN India market for digitization XPay.Life has come up with innovative technology and provides a proliferation of payment modes for consumers. They have a website solely committed to multi-utility bill payment. This also taps the 800 million mobile users by providing XPay Life application compatible on both iOS and Android devices.  Broadband bill online  can be made by accessing the mobile app or website. This company Is also driving consumer adoption by revamping the existing technological pastures by providing a robust bill payment infrastructure called bill payment kiosks that accepts cash and makes the transaction digital. It also scans cheques and DD’s.  Landline Bill Payment Online  is convenient for the rural people through cash acceptance technology making them digitally enabled. The Kiosk is also integrated with PoS machines that can scan the credit and debit cards. This has proved the domination by following the contextual approach towards the business model that has helped XPay.Life to gain momentum in the cut-throat competitive market.

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