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Hadoop Spark and Scala Online Training by Real time IT certified professionals, Hadoop Spark and Scala Training with complete tutorial covers all the real time scenario by it experts. Xoom Trainings providing Hadoop Spark and Scala Online Training with complete tutorial by 10 years experienced professionals throughout the world with real time. Course Link: http://www.xoomtrainings.com/course/apache-spark-and-scala Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbfIj4U7yfo For more information, please write back to us at sales@xoomtrainings.com USA : +1-610-686-8077 India : +91-404-018-3355


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Apache Spark ● What is it ● How does it work ● Benefits ● Tuning ● Examples www.xoomtrainings.com salesxoomtrainings.com

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Spark – What is it ● Open Source ● Alternative to Map Reduce for certain applications ● A low latency cluster computing system ● For very large data sets ● May be 100 times faster than Map Reduce for – Iterative algorithms – Interactive data mining ● Used with Hadoop / HDFS ● Released under BSD License www.xoomtrainings.com salesxoomtrainings.com

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Spark – How does it work ● Uses in memory cluster computing ● Memory access faster than disk access ● Has APIs written in – Scala – Java – Python ● Can be accessed from Scala and Python shells ● Currently an Apache incubator project www.xoomtrainings.com salesxoomtrainings.com

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Spark – Benefits ● Scales to very large clusters ● Uses in memory processing for increased speed ● High Level APIs – Java Scala Python ● Low latency shell access www.xoomtrainings.com salesxoomtrainings.com

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Spark – Tuning ● Bottlenecks can occur in the cluster via – CPU memory or network bandwidth ● Tune data serialization method i.e. – Java ObjectOutputStream vs Kryo ● Memory Tuning – Use primitive types – Set JVM Flags – Store objects in serialized form i.e. ● RDD Persistence ● MEMORY_ONLY_SER www.xoomtrainings.com salesxoomtrainings.com

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Spark – Examples • Example from spark-project.org Spark job in Scala. • Showing a simple text count from a system log. • / SimpleJob.scala / • import spark.SparkContext • import SparkContext._ • object SimpleJob • def mainargs: ArrayString • val logFile "/var/log/syslog" // Should be some file on your system • val sc new SparkContext"local" "Simple Job" "YOUR_SPARK_HOME" • List"target/scala-2.9.3/simple-project_2.9.3-1.0.jar" • val logData sc.textFilelogFile 2.cache • val numAs logData.filterline line.contains"a".count • val numBs logData.filterline line.contains"b".count • println"Lines with a: s Lines with b: s".formatnumAs numBs • • www.xoomtrainings.com salesxoomtrainings.com

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Contact Us ● Feel free to contact us at – www.xoomtrainings.com – salesxoomtrainings.com -- USA : +1-610-686-8077 or India : +91-404-018-3355 ● We offer IT project consultancy ● We are happy to hear about your problems ● You can just pay for those hours that you need ● To solve your problems

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