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Hadoop online training at XoomTrainings, Hadoop training comprises explanations on Big data analysis, concepts on Map Reduce, hadoop architecture, Hadoop distributed file systems. Hadoop online training by very experienced trainers and working professionals. We are one of the best choices to get train on real time work oriented basis. For more information on hadoop online training and our course combo offers. Get 2 demo classes FREE , just register or Contact Us: USA : +1-610-686-8077 India : +91-404-018-3355


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Big Data & Hadoop Development Learn the most comprehensive Hadoop course to become a big data Expert


How it Works… Live on-Line class Class recording in Learning management systems (LMS) Module wise Quizzes, Coding Assignments 24*7 on-demand technical support Project work on large Datasets Online Certification exam Lifetime access to the LMS Slide 2


Course Topics…. Introduction to Big data and Hadoop Understanding Big Data Challenges in processing Big Data 3V Characteristics (Volume, Variety and Velocity) Brief history of Hadoop How Hadoop addresses Big Data? HDFS and MR Hadoop echo system HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) HDFS Overview and Architecture HDFS Keywords like Name Node, Data Node, Heart Beat etc. Configuring HDFS Data Flows (Read and Write) HDFS Permissions and Security HDFS commands Rack Awareness 5 Daemons processes Map Reduce Map Reduce Basics Map Reduce Data Flow Word count Example solving Algorithms for simple and complex problems Hadoop Streaming Developing a Map Reduce Application Setting up working environment Custom Data types (Writable and Custom Key types) Input and Output file formats Driver, Mapper and Reducer Code How Map Reduce works? Classic Map Reduce (Map Reduce I) YARN (Map Reduce II) Job Scheduling Shuffle and Sort Failures Oozie Workflows Hands-on Exercises Hadoop Echo Systems PIG Overview of PIG Installation and running PIG PIG Latin Loading and storing data Hands-on HIVE Overview of HIVE Installation and running HIVE HiveQL Tables Hands-on HBASE Overview of HBASE Installation CLinets (Avro, REST, Thrift) Hands-on SQOOP Overview of SQOOP Solving Case studies Slide 3


Big Data – How it is ? What it means ? DATA VALUE Velocity: Data flown continues, time sensitive, streaming flow Batch, Real time, Streams, Historic Veracity: Quality, Consistency, reliability and provenance of data Good, undefined, inconsistency and incomplete Volume: Big Data comes in on large scale. Its on TB & even PB Records, Transaction, Tables, Files Variety: Big Data extends structured, Including semi-structured and unstructured data of all variety; Structured, Semi and un structured Slide 4


Understand various types of data that can be stored in Hadoop Perform Data Analytics using PIG & HIVE Slide 5


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