How XOAR Is Supporting the Next Generation of Science and Aviation Sup

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How XOAR Is Supporting the Next Generation of Science and Aviation Superstars XOAR is recognized and respected throughout the drone/UAV RC and aircraft world as producers of some of the finest aircraft drone and RC propellers motors and accessories in the industry. As is usually the case with any business that serves a niche interest XOAR is so successful because they’re truly passionate about what they do. XOAR’s passionate commitment to everything UAV isn’t solely expressed by the quality of their products either. They are also committed to inspiring supporting and contributing to the current and future success of today and tomorrow’s aviation superstars. XOAR sponsors several UAV and aviation teams both university-based and not. And with their drive and innovation and XOAR’s support and superior parts those teams have been doing very well. Here are a few XOAR has been supporting: JetStream at SAE Aerodesign East Competition XOAR’s support of aerodesign and aviation teams is truly a global effort. For instance the JetStream team from Wroclaw University in Poland equipped with a wealth of engineering know-how and XOAR drone propellers and motors participated in the prestigious SAE Aerodesign East Competition and cleaned up Their awards include:  2nd Place in the General classification in the Advanced class  2nd Place for Flights in the Advanced class  3rd Place in General in the Micro class  3rd Place in Technical Report in the Micro class  3rd Place in the Micro class for Successful Flights and Plane Mass Ratio to Weight

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Assailing Falcons at SAE Aerodesign East Competition Another team supported by XOAR’s stellar UAV technology is the Assailing Falcons an incredible group of aviation engineers UAV specialist designers and pilots. The Assailing Falcons are flying out of the Vellore Institute of Technology in Vellore India. With the aid of XOAR’s drone motor line and peerless props the Assailing Falcons soared at the SAE Aerodesign East competition in Fort Worth TX. Out of 85 teams they managed the following wins:  1st Place in Technical Design Report  1st Place in Technical Oral Presentation  1st Place for the Asia Pacific Region  4th Place overall Globally VAMUdeS Flying out of Canada with a little help from XOAR of course is the Miniature Aerial Vehicle of the University of Sherbrooke VAMUdeS Team. While their biggest competitions of this year haven’t taken place yet great things can always be expected of VAMUdeS. Last year out of 69 teams they were proudly awarded the championship position for the AUVSI SUAS International Competition 2018. That marks the third year in a row that VAMUdeS has taken home the competition’s top prize. Great things are expected of VAMUdeS and all of the teams that XOAR is proud enough to sponsor. To learn more about XOAR’s drone parts and sponsorships visit

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