Great XOAR RC and Drone Gift Ideas

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XOAR produces industry-leading, high-performance, and ultra-efficient RC propellers for gas, electric, and glow engines. Their incredibly finely-tuned, precisely-shaped propellers are available in laminated beechwood, carbon fiber, and composite. All of their RC propellers are available in different shades and designs.


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Great XOAR RC and Drone Gift Ideas XOAR has established an international reputation as makers of the highest- quality most fnely-tuned propellers and the most efcient powerful motors. As such true remote control RC and unmanned aerial vehicle UAV afcionados are aware that XOAR is the best place to fnd incredible RC propellers drone props and drone motors. For those who aren’t aware of that this is a great opportunity for them to fnd out Along with producing the best RC fying-hobbyist and drone equipment XOAR also has an impressive variety. That means that whatever the hobby or commercial tastes or requirements of the RC or drone enthusiast in your life XOAR has you covered. And there’s never a bad time to give someone the gift of fight Precision Pair Beechwood Drone Props for the Artiste With the evolution of propeller materials—inexpensive plastic molds high- tech metallic alloys and light sturdy carbon fber—many RC and drone enthusiasts and professionals rarely or barely consider drone propellers made of wood. That is a truly unfortunate oversight. Others assume that wooden propellers were/are a relic of a less technologically-advanced time when wood was the only thing available. But as those who fy with wooden drone propellers know—that’s not the case. Wood propellers are actually an excellent choice and can provide superior performance for RC air vehicles in many situations. Wood is an exceptionally vibration-resistant material. As such it makes for incredibly smooth even

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quiet and efcient fight. Additionally propellers fex during fight due to harmonics resulting from high-frequency oscillations. Wood however is exponentially more efcient at suppressing the during-fight fexion cycle. That can make them more resistant to the accumulation of invisible faws than props made of other materials. XOAR’s precision beechwood drone props ofer all of that and lend any RC air vehicle an air of vintage cool that’s hard to beat. Titan T8120|KV100 for the Big Ones Many perhaps most people who get drones don’t give the drones’ motors any more thought than how long they’ll hold a charge. The fact is however a stock drone motor is often not the best possible model for the drone. And depending on what the drone is used for particularly commercial applications the right drone motor can make all the diference. That’s particularly true for larger drones like hexacopters and octocopters. The biggest multicopters are generally used for aerial cinematography although they have been used for surveying agriculture geological study etc. Their use for aerial photography means that the motors keeping them aloft need to be powerful enough to carry a large drone and heavy camera while being quiet and smooth enough to avoid compromising the flm quality. For the octocopter connoisseur consider XOAR’s Titan T8120|KV100 motor. It’s the ultimate in power efciency and silent function to take any multicopter experience to the next level. Find everything you’ll need for an RC or UAV enthusiast at

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