Life Lessons from 'The Wizard of Oz'

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It's hard to believe, but "The Wizard of Oz," one of the most beloved movies of all time, celebrates its 72nd birthday since its release August 12 th 1939. Not only has the classic story of Dorothy and her funny friends entertained generations of moviegoers, it has also taught us some unforgettable lessons about life. Lyman Frank Baum (May 15, 1856 – May 6, 1919) was the American author of many children’s books. He is best known for writing The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz . Film historians reckon that "The Wizard Of Oz" might be the most viewed film of all time. The Wizard of Oz was released as a musical fantasy. Baum died twenty years before the film was released.

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The answer to Dorothy's problem getting home was literally under her nose the entire time--on her feet to be precise. When you've racked your brain for a fix to your own problem (big or small) and still don't have a solution, try stepping away from it for a minute to clear your mind. Tackling your troubles with a clear head may help you find the simple answers that are right in front of you.

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