We too can be funny- Part 2

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Slides will follow automatically. So enjoy our quips & quotes.

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You are like a miniskirt. If I am not careful, you will creep up my legs

Slide 3: 

Not only did you break my heart and destroy my life, but you spoiled my whole evening.

Slide 4: 

Sorry I'm late, but I got hammered last night

Slide 5: 

I thought about being born again . . . but my mother refused

Slide 6: 

Always remember you are unique . . . just like everyone else

Slide 7: 

Tell me what you need . . . I'll tell you how to get along without it

Slide 8: 

If you two have something to say, raise your hands . . . and place them over your mouths

Slide 9: 

When you're in shit up to your ears . . . keep your mouth shut!

Slide 10: 

Don't know what your problem is . . . but I bet it's hard to pronounce

Slide 11: 

Learn from your parents' mistakes . . . use birth control.

Slide 12: 

Take care of your thoughts my friends. . . they may soon become words.

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