Our Five Senses

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based on a poem written by a 9 year old boy


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A poem written by: by Smriti Ramakrishnan (aged 9) I am now going to tell you about your senses five, If you don't have any of them you are sure not to thrive. The places where these senses are, are also used for other things, But anyway I'll tell you now about what each sense brings.


Eyes you use to look At anything from a flower to a book. Without them you couldn't see the sight Of your garden on a moonlit night.


Ears you use to hear Anything whether it be far or near. Without them you couldn't hear the sweet voices of your mother, Your father, sister and brother. Mouth you use to taste Anything from bread to toothpaste. Without it you couldn't savour Food - even a feast would lose its flavour.


Nose you use to smell, Without it your food would taste and smell like hell. You can also smell the scent Of nature, and if you don't try you will repent.


Hands you use to touch, To fetch and bring and such. Without them you couldn't feel Anything, from clothes to orange peel.


So now you know why we need our senses five, Yes, we need to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch to survive. If you have all your senses don't have greed, But get out and about and do a good deed.

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