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Food Glorious Food What is Life without Laughter? ……….. Enjoy these poetic verses on food. My stomach is empty, Food- come and save me, Make my life complete, And make it something sweet. Click to proceed>

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Ode to Cheese, Which Makes Us Smile, When Camera's go Clack.Ode To Cheese, Which make us taste, The greatest of flavors, the wackiest of whack.Ode To Cheese, Blue, Gorgonzola, American and Cheddar.Ode To Cheese, Beja and Feta, In all types of weather.Ode To Cheese, For those on a diet, or trying to get fatter.Ode To Cheese, with crackers and wine, with grapes can flatter.Ode To Cheese, when you're sad and happy, Cheese just fits.Ode To Cheese, Mountains and Mountains, or bits and bits. Ode to Cheese

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Yes, my waist is fifty inches - Big for me because I'm short.And yes, I like my cheddar cheeseWhen partnered with a vintage port.Okay, okay, that double creamIs always served with pud, And cake and biscuits with my teaAre just no bloody goodFor my poor hardened arteries.But see my point of view, Please dear wifey if you please -A Salad makes me spew! I'd rather eat a bowl of airThan crunch away on greens; Drink water from the toilet bowlOr nibble on my jeans! But salad! Are you there? You know it makes me snappy -So let me fill my face with grub, Stay fat, and die young happy!

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Food food absolutely appetisingFood food absolutely tantalisingThe way it makes your stomach jump at its mentionThe way it melts on your tongue when you go to taste itThe way the mouth waters at its mention or sightingThe uncontrollable breathing for some impatient peopleAs the food is prepared the intensity of its appealThe race to the table to secure a seat at the buffetThe enjoyment as the food passes down the throatWith a nice cold drink to was it down withHow quickly everyone disappears at the sight of empty dirty dishesFood food absolutely appetisingFood food absolutely tantalising

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I love food, I love foodIt makes me feel really goodYummy and nutritious foodKeeps me in a superb moodFood is a gift from aboveA sign of His assuring loveLet us not waste this treasureLet‘s be thankful for this pleasureI want the whole world to knowHow it makes me go, grow and glowJust eat healthy and nutritious foodAnd it would do you goodI love food, I love food.

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Meals are the food for the body; Knowledge is the food for the mind; Meditation is the food for the spirit; Music is the food for the love of heart; Dreams are the food for the consciousness; Prayer is the food for the Almighty; Love is the food for the living heart; Thoughts are the food for the brain; Colourful ink is the food for the pen; Ideas are the food for the stories; Truth is the food for the will; Sun’s energy is the food for the plants; Plants are the food for the living beings; But one man’s food is another man’s poison!

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In food is a certain quality of taste, May they abstain and be erased.For food manages my godly life, Just as the fish manage with strife.In this food, in that food we collapseAnd honour a feast with some gaps.The food we eat as dinner shall be kindTo the sleep we carry throughout the mind.What food do you cook with expertise? Fish and meat will certainly cease!

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Rakesh was born and brought up in Ludhiana, Punjab. Rakesh Syal, 59 decided to settle there in Printing business. During college days he practiced painting which nourished his aesthetic sensibilities.He intruded in to photography in 1979 and was deeply fascinated by the new medium of expression. He pursued it with passion and frantically participated in photo competitions and exhibitions all over the country and abroad. Special thanks goes to the outstanding photography of Rakesh Syal, adapted here to a PowerPoint Presentation by Xiby.

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