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A poem by Jill Eisnaugle. This poem was written as a request from the poet’s 80-year old, second grade teacher. The poem is used, during school reunion in May, as a memorial tribute to the students, who passed away. Copyright©2006 - Jill Eisnaugle's Poetry Collection?

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We gather here, a class once moreTo reminiscence, like years beforeUpon the days and joys we knewBefore our school-aged time was throughYet, as we meet, with memories nearWe think of those, always held dear -Our friends and classmates, passed awayTo be with God, every school day.

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They sit at desks, resting on cloudsSurrounded by angelic crowdsWhere they shall be forevermoreThe friends and schoolmates we adoreThey’ll be with us in every prayerUntil the day, we join them thereWithin the walls of Heaven’s classWhere friendships formed shall always last.

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Until that hour, we join againAn empty chair, we will maintainIn honor of the life-long bondWe forged with those, now passed beyond The friends with whom we learned life’s truthWhose bonds lasted far from our youthAnd shall remain forever nearWhen we gather, year after year.

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This is an empty room with an empty chair. But what is now void can yet be filled, if only… you share this PowerPoint with your relatives or friends. I am happy to share with you this short e-mail that I received from the poet of the poem you have just viewed and read, she wrote:- Hi!   My name is Jill Eisnaugle and I am the original author of the poem, An Empty Chair, that you used for your Power Point presentation. I was going a random Google search of myself to see where across the internet was poems were being shared and came across your site. I love the Power Point, but since this poem is included in one of my books, could you please add a line to your presentation, citing my official copyright -- which for this poem is Copyright©2006 - Jill Eisnaugle's Poetry Collection?

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