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Question: 1 The Process is intended to attempt to perform the processing in the recover block Block 3. a maximum of three times before throwing an exception. Data Item Attempts is a number data item with an initial value of 0 Data Item "Max Attempts" is a number data item with an initial value of 3 The Increment Attempts calculation stage add 1 to the attempts value and outputs a result to the "Attempts" data item To enable this to work correctly what is the correct expressions for the Try Again decision stage A. Attempts Max B. Attempts Max C. Attempts Max D. Attempts + 1 Answer: A Question: 2 Examine the following process flow:

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The Orders Collection contains the following data The Saved Quantity Data Item is configured as a number with the initial value 0. The Loop Orders stage is configured to loop though the Orders collection. The Get Quantity stage is configured as follows:

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What will the data item Saved Quantity contain after the execution of the page A. 4 B. 5 C. 1 D. 19 Answer: D Question: 3 How many Start Stages can a sub-page in a Process have A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. Any Number Answer: B Question: 4

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The data item "Loop Counter" is a number data item and has an initial value of 0. The data item "Max Loops" is a number data item and has an initial value of 10. The two stages are configured as follows:

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How many times will the Loop Again stage be executed when the page is executed A. 10 B. 9 C. 11 D. The loop will be infinite Answer: D Question: 5 Your Success Is Just A Few Steps Away If You Prepare From AD01 Dumps

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What will be the outcome after the page has run A. Data Item Output Value contains A B. Data Item Output Value contains B C. Data Item Output Value contains C D. An Internal Exception will be thrown Answer: D

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