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XEEDA is the simple , secure and convenient way to access, exchange and manage your Bitcoin and other digital currency assets from your smartphone


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CONTENT • Introduction • What is XEEDA • How Does XEEDA work • Which coins will be supported • Advantage of XEEDA

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INTRODUCTION Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are changing the way financial systems work .​ At XEEDA we believe that security and ease of use are the biggest challenges in adoption of digital assets. XEEDA strives to integrate cryptocurrency into our everyday transactions. We bring peace of mind back to Bitcoin users. XEEDA makes security so easy and fun that no one has to compromise it.

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What is XEEDA XEEDA is the first bitcoin hardware wallet for smartphones and mobile devices. We provide an accessible platform that enables users to store their coins safely access them instantly and use them anywhere and anytime as part of their everyday transactions.

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How Does XEEDA work In order to make a transaction in Bitcoin you need to sign that transaction with your cryptographic key. Your cryptographic keys are stored in a secure hardware environment in XEEDA’s Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet. Every time you want to initiate a transaction in the Bitcoin network you can securely confirm the transaction using XEEDA.

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Which coins will be supported XEEDA will natively support Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Litecoin Ripple NEM Dash stellar and ERC- 20 tokens. We also plan to support more coins along the journey.

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Advantage of XEEDA XEEDA is designed with a focus on accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrencies. XEEDA offers premium security without sacrificing ease of use. Your smartphone is something that you take with you everywhere. XEEDA is designed to easily connect to your smartphone and enables you to secure your digital assets. Unlike other hardware wallets that only work with your computer you can make secure transactions anywhere and anytime using your smartphone and XEEDA.

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