Don’t Cram

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Kari Lowe Alex Kohley Blaine Stressman Don’t cram

Plan : 

Plan Use a planner or calendar to schedule study time. Block an hour everyday to spend studying or working. Only study in 20 minute increments. Find the atmosphere that you study best in.

Cramming causes STRESS : 

Cramming causes STRESS The night before a test you need rest. Without rest, you become stressed. Can’t ask questions on problems that you are having trouble on. Stress will then make you forget what you tried to cram. Not healthy.

Practice : 

Practice Start practicing a week before the test. Each day practice from each chapter. Find problems that are highly to be on the test. Ask for a practice test. Set goals, try to be prepared days before.

Not an efficient method : 

Not an efficient method Brain can’t work hard enough to remember all of the information. Forget the material during or right after the test. Lead to confusion of information. Cause frustration, anxiety, and fatigue. End with an average grade. D-

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