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Business Franchise Maroc. Entrepreneur Franchise 500 rankings: #1 for 10 years for Best Internet & Technology Franchise, Top 30 International Franchises and Top 10 Home Based Businesses worldwide Proven system to deliver results to end clients, 15 years experience in Internet Marketing


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The WSI Franchise Opportunity Why a Franchise? It allows you to go into business for yourself , but not by yourself. Association with proven products and systems. Franchising accounts for approximately 760,000 businesses. Fully 9.7 million people work directly for franchisors and franchisees. Franchising creates almost USD 2 trillion revenue every year -- worldwide. More than 75 industries use franchising to serve clients. 1 out of every 12 businesses is a franchised business. A new franchised business is opened every 8 minutes.

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The WSI Franchise Opportunity The Industry Opportunity The Internet is here to stay and the companies have to get better results from their online presence. Online Advertising spent is increasing worldwide. Australia - Online advertising spent for Q3 2009 totaled AU$466.25 million, the largest quarter ever recorded. Brazil : The online advertising market is expected to reach USD 1.4 billion in 2011 (data from eMarketer , IAB Brasil & eMarketer estimates that the French online ad market will grow more than EUR 3.18 billion (US$4 billion) by 2011 The Internet is the second most lucrative advertising medium in Poland For Turkey , 2010 is estimated to show an increase in Internet advertising from 2 % in 2007 to 7 % in 2010 In UAE , 79% support the idea that online communication will replace traditional communication as phone (Reference: Bayt.Com , November 2009)

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The WSI Franchise Opportunity Why WSI Canadian company, white collar business, consulting service franchise WSI leads Digital Marketing by continuous improving systems and strategies Entrepreneur Franchise 500 rankings: #1 for 10 years for Best Internet & Technology Franchise, Top 30 International Franchises and Top 10 Home Based Businesses worldwide Proven system to deliver results to end clients , 15 years experience in Internet Marketing WSI is the biggest worldwide network of Internet / Digital Marketing Consultants Master Franchises in : Portugal , Spain , France , Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Cyprus , Bahrain , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , UAE , Brazil, South Africa … and the network is growing

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The WSI Franchise Opportunity Why Morocco? Morocco has 33% Internet Market Penetration - The third highest in Africa with incredible growth this decade In Dec 2000 there was 100,000 people online in Morocco and by 2010 there was 10.5 Million people online Over 250 million Facebook users worldwide, with Twitter claiming over 3 million users, it's clear that Moroccans are tapping into a global trend. Moroccans also love socializing and social networking with 2,085,280 Facebook users on August 31/10, a 6.6% penetration rate. Trade and Industry Minister Ahmed Reda Chami , launched a roadmap for setting up 89 new online services by 2013, 15 of them going live by 2011 . There is massive infrastructural and consumer development taking place in all our cities which is fuelling the need for marketing our culture and our products Central to the " Maroc Numeric 2013" strategy are efforts to ensure that one in three Moroccan families, rather than the present one in 10, will have a high-speed Internet connection by 2013. Morocco is ranked second in the Arab world for the rate of growth in the number of Internet users said MAP, citing a survey conducted by Google.

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The WSI Franchise Opportunity What you get Proven system, with recurring revenue Complete initial and continuous training Complete support Continuous research and enhancement of services and products WSI eMarketplace (our network of preferred suppliers) Low overheads Is you who decides your future Entrepreneur Franchise 500 rankings: #1 for 10 years for Best Internet & Technology Franchise, Top 30 International Franchises and Top 10 Home Based Businesses worldwide!

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The WSI Franchise Opportunity What you need to do next… Contact Us Request your Free Info Package Kit We have in place a no pressure evaluation process to identify if WSI is a good fit for your goals and if you are the right candidate for WSI Franchise

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The WSI Franchise Opportunity Visit us on-line… (English) (French) (Global Portal) Email:

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