Bahamas Trip 1993


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Lost Buck goes to Florida and the Bahamas.


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Lost Buck goes to the Bahamas : 

Lost Buck goes to the Bahamas Alice and Bill Harrison AKA: A better way to spend the winter..

Introduction : 

Introduction Lost Buck wanted to get out of the Chesapeake Bay.. We wanted to avoid winter.. The first decision was which route of the ICW to take.. ?

We took the Dismal Swamp Canal.. : 

We took the Dismal Swamp Canal.. It is the more historical route.

Locking: Suddenly you go from a deep cavern to the top of the world.. : 

Locking: Suddenly you go from a deep cavern to the top of the world..

Dismal Swamp was just that.. : 

Dismal Swamp was just that.. Note the black water due to tannic acid content. It sure brightened up the bottom paint!

First Stop: Elizabeth City. : 

First Stop: Elizabeth City. Free dockage Sometimes use of a car. “Rose Buddies” throw wine & cheese party.

Entrance to Alligator Pungo Canal : 

Entrance to Alligator Pungo Canal Can’t travel at night. This anchorage was worth the wait!

Along the way.. : 

Along the way.. How’s this for a long tow? Wild Horses have all the fun..

Northern Florida : 

Northern Florida St Augustine Haulover Canal The neighbors..

Slide 10: 

Indian Harbor Beach, Fl The famous Dragon Point Monster at the southern tip of Merritt Island

Slide 11: 

The famous Mathers Bridge Restaurant (Now deceased). One dog power! Beautiful, wasn’t it?

Slide 12: 

Getting ready to go across..

Slide 13: 

Down the ditch to Lake Worth.. Dolphins join even small boats Cormorants dry their wings..

Slide 14: 

Waiting for a weather window is tough! Supporting the Lake Worth economy with the Seagraves Cruisers congregating below Peanut Island waiting for the weather to break.

Slide 15: 

On to the Bahamas.. Marina at defunct Jack Tar Resort A victim of graft and local bribes.

Slide 16: 

Winter fronts whip up the weather suddenly. This is the only light you see coming had many breaks in the wire, and of course didn’t work most of the time.

Slide 17: 

Sailing can be tedious..

Slide 18: 

Allens-Pensacola Cay and Cooperstown.. “Red at night, sailor’s delight? Nice church, but NO diesel!

Slide 19: 

Green Turtle Cay Note the tidal range!

Slide 20: 

Whale Cay Passage and Man-O-War Cay The dreaded Whale Cay Passage, which can wreck steel freighters in a blow! Map of the “city” !

Slide 21: 

Man-o-War Where we dragged at 2 AM! Cruiser’s yard sale.. What IS it?

Slide 22: 

Marsh Harbor Herb, Departing Triple J. -Water, showers, fuel, land access Natural Shade

Slide 23: 

Hopetown and Elbow Cay Lighthouse View from the famous lighthouse

Slide 24: 

Downtown Hopetown

Slide 25: 

Hopetown Kiss Lighthouse from above and below.

Slide 26: 

Great Guana Cay Only raft the whole trip Bahamas bus stop! You can see the bottom of the rudder!

Slide 27: 

An then back to Green Turtle... White sound, North of Town Bahamas Sunset

Slide 28: 

Waiting for the weather at West End.. Why not a picnic while you Wait?

Slide 29: 

The lost fork story, (or how to spend your time waiting for weather..). I dropped my best fork! I can almost see it You can’t hook a fork! Diver Arriving Talk about a looking for a fork in a haystack.. More..

Slide 30: 

Ta Da! And the reward… A BLOW JOB ! Success!

Slide 31: 

Return a year later... Passing the dragon for the last time.. Ft Sumter in Charleston SC

Slide 32: 

Traffic Sailboats Powerboats Tugs, and BARGES !

Slide 33: 

Shrimpers in Oriental NC Bellhaven (Has Ice cream stand!)

Slide 34: 

Alligator Pungo Canal..20 Miles of straight nothingness.. Pamlico Abermarle Bridge Deer Swimming in ICW

Slide 35: 

Harrison’s Marina, Coinjock, N.C. Entering Virginia Cut Locks. Locking with barge traffic.

Slide 36: 

That’s it..The beginning/end of the ICW south or Norfolk!

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