Surviving At Auschwitz Camp by Halda

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Surviving At Auschwitz Camp : 

Surviving At Auschwitz Camp By Halda

Death In The Gas Chambers : 

Death In The Gas Chambers put sign that says showers actually gas chambers women and children were asked to go first fake showerheads in 1942 Auschwitz used 8.2 tons of Zylon B. In 1943 they used 13.4 tons

Got there, Living There, Surviving There : 

Got there, Living There, Surviving There Pregnant women, children, sick, old, were usually dead first Put to labor until useless 1942 held 100 000 people In 1943 they held 224 000 In 1944 they held 524 000 In 1945 they held 714 000

More Interesting Facts : 

More Interesting Facts The guards wore crossbones on their shirts Auschwitz became a symbol of terror, genocide, Holocaust By 1945 a minimum of 1.25 million Jews died in Auschwitz More than six million Jews were murdered Schindler's List(movie)

Glossary : 

Glossary The Holocaust 1940-1944 The Holocaust

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