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There is only one way you can put your design theory to test, by seeing it in action. In the website design and development world, the only way to test the design, user experience and user interface of your website is by developing the multiple or single prototype and running exhaustive user usability testing sessions. A prototype helps diminish the blurry line between product design and the final product. Here are few tools listed down by the experts of the renowned Website Designing Company in Dubai that can help you design effective prototypes in no time


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Top 4 Best Prototyping Tools for UX & UI Designers in 2017 Website Designing Company in Dubai


Introduction Do you know why prototyping is becoming more and more common these days? Because it is fetching results which otherwise would only be possible after the launch of the final product. The users appreciate the instinctive and natural feeling of a website and a mobile application. Website and mobile application designs are constantly unrolling and becoming more and more complex each year. UX/UI design is not restricted to the world of wireframes and design icons.


Today designers are using an array of useful prototyping tools that represents the skeletal framework of a website or an app. The prototype helps in visualizing the layout of a webpage and the structure of information, involving the interface attribute and navigational functions and how they mend together. Clients need to understand the look and feel of the website and that will not be possible with only wireframes and mockups. Prototypes, in this case, are a very useful tool.


Axure RP is a great prototyping tool for user experience professionals. One can create wireframes and interactive prototypes. One can export the wireframes and prototypes to the web and share them with the clients. It is an excellent tool for structuring product requirements and specification documents. Axure RP

Slide5: is an excellent tool for UX professionals to develop interactive prototypes. Proto- io is laced with many features for designing and developing prototypes for a website and mobile apps. You can either create your prototype directly into editor or you can import your project from Photoshop and Sketch to editor. You can also share your prototype with your clients.


InVision Invision is one of the highly popular prototype tools. You can give credits to its success with its wide number of reliable features. It is designed for larger organizations and teams. It has easy synchronization capability with Dropbox , Creative Cloud, Google Drive, and Slack You can upload multiple mobile formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, AI, and PSD.


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