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The creative writing workshop in nyc is providing peaceful area for writers at affordable rates.


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Allan Ishac :

Allan Ishac

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New York's 50 Best Places to Take Children: New 3rd Edition Completely Revised and Updated From Publishers Weekly: New York's 50 Best Places to Take Children is the definitive guide to showing kids a good time in the Big Apple Publisher:Rizzoli ; October 2005ISBN 10:0789313596 ISBN 13 : 9780789313591

Colin Beavan :

Colin Beavan

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Operation Jedburgh : D-Day and America's First Shadow War From Publishers Weekly: While Hitler considered western European resistance forces a minor annoyance, movies and popular writers invariably extol the havoc they wreaked behind enemy lines, perhaps tipping the balance toward victory. Publisher:Viking Adult; May 2006ISBN 10:0670037621 ISBN 13: 9780670037629

Nicole Blades :

Nicole Blades

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Earth's Waters From Publishers Weekly: Young, sea-loving Lily (née Harriette ) is aptly nicknamed after a floating flower. A Bajan high school drop-out, she subsists passively in her grandmother’s house at the sufferance of a stern, fundamentalist task-mistress, one who malignly sees in Lily her lost, promiscuous, “ wutless ” mother. Publisher:DC Books, April 30, 2007ISBN 10:1897190212 ISBN 13:  978-1897190210

Allison Amend :

Allison Amend

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Things That Pass for Love From Publishers Weekly: "The terrible impact of bodies falling from the sky, the shrill thwack of a golf ball hit out-of-bounds, the elusively tender caress upon a faithful dog's head. Publisher:Dzanc Books; September 2008ISBN 10:0976717743 ISBN 13: 9780976717744

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