Easily make your WordPress website more secure for free


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Useful tools, tips and plugins to make your WordPress website more secure. Original content posted on https://consultantsussex.com/secure-wordpress-website-free/


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Easily make your WordPress website more secure for free Because of the fact that more than 25 of all websites now being created are built on the WordPress platform it is fast becoming a target for hackers DDOS and other malicious attacks. As a WordPress website owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your website does not have any security flaws which could be exploited by the hackers to use your website for their unauthorised purposes. Natively WordPress has some limited security features which should indeed be enabled and made use of. In addition to these you can use several other security plugins and techniques to further protect your WordPress website from unethical attacker. See below a few pointers and ideas from White Rabbit to help you make sure your WordPress website is more secure for free. Closed off to the loopholes and back- doors that hackers use to gain access to your website or even take it down 1 Use strong passwords – At least 8 characters a mix of numbers and letters at least 1 capital letter and a special character for good measure. 2 Keep passwords secret – It may sound obvious but many people fail at this basic step. If you need to give others access to your WordPress dashboard… create a new user for them. 3 Use Loginizer – This is a default plugin that can be included when you install WordPress. It helps prevent snoopers from attempting to guess your passwords.

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4 Further WordPress security – Within the settings of your WordPress website there are a few settings that can be tweaked to improve the general security of your website. 5 Additional plugins – Other security plugins are available for WordPress. A particularly good one is iThemes Security – this holds a wealth of security features and tweaks. 6 HTTPS SSL certificates – This will ensure that traffic to and from your website is encrypted. Follow this link to find out how to get a free green padlock for your WordPress website. 7 Keep backups – Not so much a security measure more of a disaster recovery technique be sure to have a good backup of the files and databases from your website. These are just a few tips and tricks to help you on your way to securing your WordPress website for free. The main thing to focus on is staying ahead of the hackers. Keep your wordpress installation and plugins up to date to ensure you have all the latest security features and fixes available and above all be vigilant – if you think something suspicious is going on… check it out Let White Rabbit take away the hassle of securing your WordPress website we’ll make sure all of the above is done and more to give your website and customer’s data the protection and safety it deserves. Contact White Rabbit today to get your website secured. Follow the White Rabbit Consultancy on social media to receive notifications of new Whitepapers and Tutorials posts. Originally content posted on White Rabbit Consultancy website - https://consultantsussex.com/secure-wordpress-website-free/ WHITE RABBIT CONSULTANCY communications for creative and ethical

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