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Rajasthan literally translates to "Land of Kings' and it actually is one. Rajasthan is the largest state in India. These tribes and the later rulers were the architects of the magnificent Forts, Palaces and Havelis that Rajasthan has maintained today. These historical monuments display the rich cultural heritage in India. For more details visit to http://www.tourtravelworld.com/india/rajasthan.html


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Rajasthan: One State All Colors Rajasthan literally translates to "Land of Kings and it actually is one. Rajasthan is the largest state in India. Formerly known as Rajputana Rajasthan was divided into various regions run and ruled by more than 11 tribes. Some of the most notable of these clans were Meenas Gurjars Rajputs and Jats who were partially responsible for building the entire state of Rajasthan. These tribes and the later rulers were the architects of the magnificent Forts Palaces and Havelis that Rajasthan has maintained today. These historical monuments display the rich cultural heritage in India. Most of the Hill Forts based in the Aravalli Mountain Range were built between the 5 th Century AD and the 17 th Century AD. The Hill Forts are long-standing masterpieces and living proof of architecture skill and royalty and they have contained the rich cultural heritage of the princely clans that have built and housed them. With over 41 palaces and forts Rajasthan is the most culturally rich state in India. If you have a week to spare you can see most of Rajasthan and being exhausted would not feel as bad. Read below to know about the major attractions of Rajasthan Tours: Jaipur: The largest city and the capital of Rajasthan Jaipur is popularly known as The Pink City because of the pink sandstone used in the buildings of this old- walled city. Here the past comes alive in magnificent forts and palaces blushed pink where once lived the maharajas. Jaipur has massive forts magnificent palaces exquisite temples and marvelous gardens. The city like the rest of the state is a visitor’s delight. From the intricate Hawa Mahal to the explicit Jantar Mantar-an open air observatory of enormous astronomical instruments the majestic Amber Fort-palace the colorful fountains of life to the sublime Birla Temple from the architectural delight of the City Palace to the serene Jal Mahal. The principal shopping centre in the old city is Johari Bazaar and the Badi Chaupar lined with shops and business establishments. The bustling bazaars of Jaipur are famous for embroidered leather shoes and bags blue pottery tie and

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dye scarves Rajasthani jeweler and many exotic wares. Udaipur: This city of lakes is one of the most romantic cities in India. It is also called Venice of the east because of the fact that the entire city is built around Lake Pichola. Marble palaces beautiful gardens and placid lakes adorn this beautiful city. The City Palace is certainly the best exemplar of this exclusive cultural prism. It has many balconies towers and cupolas which offer beautiful views of the lakes and the city. The Lake Palace is one of the many favorites of tourists theorized to be a fantasy island shimmering on a mirror-calm lake. Udaipur is full of palaces temples and Havelis ranging from some of the modest to the most extravagant. It is also proud of its heritage as a centre for the performing arts painting and crafts. Lake Pichola Lake Fateh Sagar Shaelion ki Bari Moti Magri Shilpgra Sajjan Garh are some among the many sights in Udaipur. Jaisalmer: No other city in Rajasthan is as steeply rich in history and culture as this Golden City. It holds this name because of the Golden sandstone used in the entire city. Its Desert Fort or Jaisalmer Fort is an omnipresent gigantic sandcastle which oozes royalty. Jaisalmer contains Havelis that are the most exquisite in elegance and architecture. Even the humblest houses and shops display Rajputana art. The main market area is directly below the Jaisalmer Fort while the banks the new palace and several other shops and offices are near the Amar Sagar Gate to the west of Jaisalmer. Other than the Jaisalmer fort and market the Sunset Point the Tazia Tower Gadisar Lake Salim Singh-Ki-Haveli Patwon-Ki-Haveli and Nathmalji-Ki- Haveli are some other sights. There are plenty of camping resorts on the outskirts of Jaisalmer which offer ethnic Rajasthani services like tent houses typical food folk dance and music camel rides safaris and many more. Jodhpur: Jodhpur the Blue City is dominated by a massive fort topping a sheer rocky ridge right in the middle of the town. Jodhpur is called so because of the prominent use of Indigo color in the walls of the old city. The old city is bordered by a 10 kilometers long wall. From the Mehrangarh fort one can clearly distinguish the old city and the new city. Its fascinating that jumble of winding streets in the old city has eight gates to lead out. These can be seen from the fortifications of the mighty Mehrangarh which emerges high above the buzzing city. Inside the fort are various courtyards and palaces. The Umaid Bhawan Palace or the Chittar Palace is also an immense palace which was built under a famine relief program. Just strolling along the streets of old Jodhpur is intriguing enough but Jaswant Thada Clock Tower Sadar Market Mahamandir Temple and Kailana Lake are a few more attractions in Jodhpur. Chittaurgarh: In the present day largely a deserted ruin the great fort of

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Chittaurgarh stands atop a 500-foot high hill rising sharply from the surrounding plain. This fort denotes more than any other does the honor and heroism of the people of Rajasthan. Despite the course of centuries the severe struggles at Chittor are the focus of epic tales still told and songs still sung. Today massive fort walls huge gateways palaces temples and towers bear mute witness to Chittaurgarhs chaotic past. Legend says Bhim one of the Pandava heroes of the Mahabharata is credited with the forts original creation. All major attractions of Chittor are within the fort. The main gate on the eastern side of the fort is called the Surajpol. From the western end of the fort excellent views of the town can be enjoyed. Padmini Palace Kirti Stambh Meera Kumbha Shyam Temple and Kalika Mata Mandir are other attractions. Ajmer: A budding town on the shore of Ana Sagar flanked by barren hills is a major centre for Muslim Pilgrimage during the fasts of Ramzan and has some impressive Muslim architecture. The Dargah is the tomb of a sufi saint Khwaja Muin-uddin Chisti built of white marble having 11 arches and a Persian inscription running the full length of the building. Dargah has a magnificent marble dome and the actual tomb inside is surrounded by a silver platform. The tomb draws thousands of pilgrims every year on the death anniversary of the saint but sadly cannot hold much of them because of its small capacity. Adhai- Din-Ka Jhonpra is also one of the finest examples of Indo-Islamic architecture. The Royal Palace of Akbar was converted into a Museum and today it houses a rich collection of Mughal and Rajput armory. Ana Sagar Lake Taragarh Fort and Nasiyan Jain Temple The Red Temple are other attractions. Rajasthan contains more heritage rich cities like these. Bikaner like Jaisalmer is a walled city which is bare as compared to the others. Its heritage lies in its forts palaces and temples like that of the imposing Junagarh Fort the red Lalgarh Palace Deshnoke Temple Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary and the camel breeding farm. Dancing camels enhance the specialty of Bikaner. Mount Abu is Rajasthan’s only hill station and a major pilgrim centre. Kota is Rajasthan’s industrial centre and army headquarters. Ranthambhor is virtually an island rich in flora and fauna in an ocean of villages farmland and other grazed arid land and contains Rajasthan’s only National Park. Shekhawati contains such a profusion of wall paintings so intricate and finely executed in hundreds of havelis temples cenotaphs well and forts. Words cannot explain the beauty and the richness of the place. In this battle called life make sure you take out some time to visit Rajasthan. The beauty combined with the surreal folk music and the chilled air is not a feeling to be missed.

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