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Presentation Description | WSP pallets are free from Methyl bromide - a highly toxic chemical - that is used to fumigate wood pallets & prevent insect infestation when heat treatment is not an option.


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World Steel Pallet an integration of Ecology and Economy innovates 100 recyclable material with reducing uncertainty of fumigation issue on export transaction. Food Pharmaceutics WSP pallets are excellent choice for food and Pharmaceutical Industries because of their hygiene for food and pharmaceutical themselves and the factory environment. Essentially for these 2 industries are to keep pallets clean from unexpected insects and pests that infest wood pallets. Also the hygienic pallets should not be porous and readily absorb fluid. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria like Salmonella and Listeria that can cause food contamination. Chemicals WSP Steel pallets are perfectly suitable for the chemical industry because they are fireproof and non- reactive. Many chemicals that are transported around are highly combustible or reactive agents that do not mix well with wood or plastic. The steel pallets maintain integral strength do not bend or warp under pressure do not rust when galvanized. Also less product damage because decks are no splinters and nail-head protrusion often found with wood products. Electronics WSP designs our steel pallets to remain durable for returnable application that durability translates into added protection for the products that they are designed to transport and store with lighter weight compared to wooden and plastic pallets. Weakened plastic and wood pallets are susceptible to collapse ruining or damaging their load especially on racks. WSP steel pallets are tough and will not deform under pressure or warp under heat. Other Industries WSP steel pallets are a great solution for general manufacturers dealing with warehousing domestic or international logistics because of the high levels of durability cleanliness sizing etc. Especially shipping with steel pallet improves efficiency throughout the whole shipping process. Many benefits that WSP steel pallet offers: Elimination of regulatory paperwork including non-coniferous declarations and FDA regulations According to the European Unions regulations on all solid coniferous wood packing materials No Fumigation or heat treatment required for export use.

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Design lighter than wood and plastic pallets making WSP steel pallet is easier to handle and transport. More dependable due to durability strength and consistency Ergonomic design improves manageability and decreases injury no or few tools required for assembly. Reforestation World Steel Pallet Co. Ltd. Bangkok Pacific Steel Co. Ltd. cooperated on reforestation in "Klongkoan Samuth songkram" mangrove forest area on 31th August 2013. The project aimed to return the coastal mangrove areas to a pristine and fertile condition under the concept of "Ecology Concern Being Unity" THE SOLUTION FROM WSP PALLETS LIGHT WEIGHT : With design of corrugated profile design this technically builds more load. HYGIENE : WSP pallets are significantly reducing the risk of contamination and 100 non- porous. Obviously WSP pallets can be cleaned by washing without impact on the life of pallets. SAFETY : The WSP pallet design concerns end users safety by containing no rough or sharp edges. All joints are well assembled by rivet or weld. Also steel pallets are fireproof which are well transported with highly combustible or reactive agents that do not mix well with wood or plastic. COMPATIBILITY : WSP pallets are perfectly compatible with racking systems and Selective and Drive-In. These include a maximum static load of 6000 kgs. a maximum dynamic load of 1500 kgs. and racking of 1500 kgs. ECONOMIC : WSP Returnable pallets are designed to long-life with a high rate of returns which means to a lower cost per trip. Also our One-way models are not required fumigation that significantly eliminates risk of rejected containers at destination since the termite found in wooden pallets. ENVIRONMENT : Our WSP pallets are 100 recyclable

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