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World Patent Ratings has been a pioneer in calling attention to the irrational valuation of intangible assets held on corporate balance sheets around the world.


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World Patent Ratings :

World Patent Ratings World Patent Ratings is a specialized rating agency and expert network focused on the standardization and objective measure of intangible assets and the valuation of intellectual property. Our in-depth research of financial practices is intended to uncover truth and meaning in data. We aim to guide policymakers and opinion leaders working to modernize the valuation of corporate assets and bring back confidence and accountability to corporate asset valuation in the global marketplace.

Utilizing Big Data Analytics :

Utilizing Big Data Analytics World Patent Ratings is deeply concerned about the intangible asset bubble. The extreme volatility and the lack of consensus surrounding the accounting of patents and other intangible assets has created a dark cloud over the global economy. Our mission is to prevent the continued use of creative accounting and a distortion of reported asset values. We are pioneering an accounting revolution geared towards standardization and transparency.

What Gives Us The Right? :

What Gives Us The Right? We utilize the planet’s largest specialized repository of open source intangible asset and patent data. Our team of data scientists has used code from over hundreds of worldwide open data sources, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Google, Yahoo, The New York Times, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, Amazon, Facebook , the US Census Bureau, the European Union, Pew Research Center, and the National Climactic Data Center.

Our Advisory Board :

Our Advisory Board World Patent Ratings leverages the valuable resources brought by its board members that have served in the highest levels of government, military and industry. Our clientele looks to us for independent thinking and the discipline needed to solve unique operational scenarios in a fast changing world.

Become A Member :

Become A Member The “World Patent Ratings Seal” signals a commitment to safer and more stable markets. Our growth is fueled by our members and partners that share our vision of transparency and want to stand out as responsible corporate citizens. History has shown that the marketplace rewards openness and disclosure in the financial reporting of intangible assets . We take great pride in creating customized programs that meet the needs of our members and partners. We know how to reward our partners by creating awareness and delivering effective communication strategies to meet specific goals. We will help you define your firm’s identity as a company that inspires confidence and can be trusted to deliver results.

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