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Information about home gym, importance of exercising in a commercial or home gym with exercise or fitness equipments available today like treadmill, smith machine, rowing machine, exercise bikes, weight bench, strength training equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and various benefits of exercising at a home gym. Buy high quality home gym equipments at affordable price at World Fitness, Australia.


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Importance of Exercise in Daily Life:

Importance of Exercise in Daily Life Regular exercise is important to stay healthy and lead a high quality of life. Health benefits of regular exercise are as follows… Exercise will boost your energy levels and thus will keep you fit and active all through the day. Exercise promotes burning of excess calories and fat from the body and thus will help you remain in shape.

Importance of Exercise in Daily Life:

Importance of Exercise in Daily Life It increases metabolism and digestion capacity of an individual. Exercise increases your resistance power to diseases and thus keeps you away from several health disorders. Hence you can stay fit and healthy for a longer period of your life time by following a strict exercise regime.

Sources for Exercising:

Sources for Exercising Exercise can either be performed at a commercial gym outside or preferably done within convenient home environments in a home gym with help of exercise or fitness equipments available today like treadmill

Smith Machine :

Smith Machine

Rowing Machine :

Rowing Machine

Exercise Bikes:

Exercise Bikes

Weight Bench:

Weight Bench

Strength Training Equipment :

Strength Training Equipment







Interval Training:

Interval Training Working out on a treadmill in fixed period of intervals faster and slower consecutively is called interval training. An interval training on treadmills may range from minimum 10 seconds to maximum 3 minutes.

How to Perform Interval Workout on Treadmill?:

How to Perform Interval Workout on Treadmill? To begin with you should first warm up before starting a high intensity, fat burning workout. This is done by slowly walking or lightly jogging for five to 10 minutes, in order to enhance blood circulation and warming up the muscles. You should then increase your speed and run as fast as you can for the next 30 seconds. And must thereafter slow down and run at an average pace for the next four and a half minutes. You should repeat the above steps four to six times for a comprehensive workout. It is better to do this exercise thrice a week, on alternating days for six weeks. This is a good fat burning treadmill workout, since the high intensity intervals are short.

Benefits of Exercising at a Home Gym:

Benefits of Exercising at a Home Gym The first and most important benefit if having a gym at home is that you can exercise within comfortable environment of your home. This is the best way of exercising for those who do not like working out in front of strangers at a commercial gym. Secondly, with a home gym you will have time convenience which means you can exercise at any time as per your convenience which is not the case at the commercial gyms. Time and cost will be saved which or else you will need to spend for exercising at a gym outside. No need to travel all the way to your gym when you have got one at your home. It’s your gym and therefore you can have the equipments right for your requirements at your gym. Freely use it the way you like and train yourself better as per your convenience and requirements.

Best Exercise Equipments for Your Home Gym:

Best Exercise Equipments for Your Home Gym There are various fitness exercise equipments available today which include devices like treadmills, recumbent exercise bikes, barbells, dumbbells, weights, elliptical cross trainers, rowing machine, squat rack, multi-station home gym and much more. Depending on the exercise requirements of an individual, budget and space available for storage of equipment, one can opt for the right equipment for regular exercising needs at home gym.

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