Gain a Competitive Edge in Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

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Consider the fact that, according to Forbes, high performers are as much as 800% more productive than their colleagues. And they cost the same as any other employee. Visit:


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Vista Staffing Solutions Gain a Competitive Edge in Attracting and Retaining Top Talent Consider the fact that according to Forbes high performers are as much as 800 more productive than their colleagues. And they cost the same as any other employee. However filling all your positions with highly-skilled medical professionals is especially difficult in a tight labor market. That makes it crucial to retain the high performers you have. Being short-staffed puts extra stress on everybody: Wait times increase while responsiveness and communication decrease. This negatively impacts patient satisfaction and ultimately the practice’s bottom line. Hiring Retaining High Performing Medical Professionals High performers are always in demand. Now they have more employment options than ever before. It’s crucial to provide a comfortable work environment where team members are challenged yet satisfied with their jobs. They need to feel a cultural fit be compensated fairly and be learning skills that lead to career growth. Values Culture At the core of every business are its values and culture. You need to be able to articulate what sets you apart from your competitors when it comes to your staff and the way you manage your team. Your employees want to know how they fit into your organization’s mission. They want to understand how what they do contributes. To do that you need answers to these three questions:

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Vista Staffing Solutions 1. What are we doing 2. Why are we doing it 3. How do I fit into those processes Compensation Benefits You’ve got to pay a competitive wage. It’s likely going to cost you more than you want to attract high caliber medical professionals. This includes offering a strong benefits package the Harvard Business Review found that 60 of job seekers say benefits and perks are a major factor in choosing whether to accept a job offer. Health insurance dental vision 401k defined benefits plan and paid time off top the list of benefits sought by employees. Don’t ignore the value of programs that promote work-life balance including a family-friendly environment. In a tight job market these programs may make the difference. Adjust Your Tactics Traditionally employers have expected prospective job seekers to tell them why they should be hired. With such a high demand for medical professionals the approach must shift. It’s up to you to sell them on why they should come work with you. Talk to your best employees and make sure you’re offering them the opportunity they seek. Find out what they value about working with you and use this information when talking to prospective employees. The information should also be used in job ads on social media blogs or any other outreach you do to attract candidates. Set Your Team Up for Success Once you’ve got the right people on board you’ve got to make sure to retain them. Set them up for success by doing what you can to reduce administrative burdens and optimize schedules. Consider locum tenens to fill gaps and help with workforce optimization. If you’re not taking care of your team you’re taking a huge risk. A Gallup survey revealed that 73 of employees say they are thinking about another job. 43 report they’re more likely to consider changing employers than they had been just a year ago. Employees want you to provide opportunities to learn new skills and advance their careers. These keep team members engaged and invested. They also need to know you’re doing what you can to back them up. You can make their jobs easier by implementing a workforce optimization strategy. Locum tenens staffing can help fill gaps and reduce staff stress levels while providing continuity of care for your patients. Your Recruiting Retention Checklist To gain a competitive edge here’s what should be on your checklist:  Provide a competitive compensation package including robust benefits  Create a values-based environment and instill a sense of purpose in your team  Sell job seekers and your current team on the benefits of working with your practice  Provide growth opportunities  Practice workplace optimization Following these steps will provide a competitive edge that allows you to attract and retain top talent.

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Vista Staffing Solutions VISTA is proud to offer solutions to healthcare facilities and practices looking to maximize their staff population and minimize the costs of physician vacancies. Please contact us today to receive your complimentary Workforce Optimization Review and learn more about our services.

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