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Slide 1: 

See no evil

Slide 2: 

Oh shit I think I’m a goner !!!!

Slide 3: 

Hey !!! wait for me

Slide 4: 

Stay away I’ll have to get rough

Slide 5: 

Hang tough

Slide 6: 

I said wake up

Slide 7: 

For the last time I’m not going anywhere

Slide 8: 

I got me a cookie !!!

Slide 9: 

Just because I’m so cute they think they can stick me anywhere

Slide 11: 

got ya

Slide 12: 

Oh what a night

Slide 13: 

I wont do it again I promise

Slide 14: 

I got s me a little pussy cat

Slide 15: 

nobody's gettien my carrot

Slide 16: 

ok I’m feeling lucky

Slide 17: 

Now I lay me down to sleep

Slide 18: 

You want me to put it all back !!!

Slide 19: 

ah ah you thought I was lost

Slide 20: 

Do you know what I am ???

Slide 21: 

Aw I love you too

Slide 22: 

Hey man got any more this is good

Slide 23: 

Did I do something wrong ???

Slide 24: 

I just love to be pampered cause I’m a star

Slide 26: 

Just lick me all over baby

Slide 27: 

No we were not in the sprinkler

Slide 28: 

This sure don’t smell like Mom Are you sure ?

Slide 29: 

Get the Hell out of my territory you little shit I’m outta here

Slide 30: 

That's some fat cat

Slide 31: 

What the heck are you supposed to be

Slide 32: 

And those two think I'm keeping them warm. I got news for them

Slide 33: 

Look at me I can fly I got my paws off the ground

Slide 34: 

OK ok take the picture we're all ready

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