Make Most Out of Your Teams with These Efficient Team Building Activit

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Make Most Out of Your Teams with These Efficient Team Building Activities Building a strong team could be the most difficult challenge for corporate employees but managing them and keep them going together to achieve common business goals is something that needs a lot of efforts and dedication from both the ends. Certain hurdles opinion clashes disagreements and unsatisfactory results may impact your team’s performance and de-motivate them to a level wherein no member has faith in the success. In such situations you can easily use some efficient yet engaging teams building activities to keep the spirits high and assist your employees in maintaining the same pace while putting in efforts to drive success. Read below to know about top 5 activities that you can try to bring back team enthusiasm and make them work like never before: 1. Two Truths and a Lie The estimated time for this fantastic game is 15-30 minutes and it is purely based on guessing the correct secrets helping team members to understand mind sets of each other with much clarity. The game plot entitles every member of the team to secretly write down two truths and one lies about them on paper. Once every member has written down their secrets the facilitator can allow 10-15 minutes for the open conversation to help mates discuss their opinions ideology and thoughts with each other. Once the conversation gets over the facilitator will announce the mentioned secrets openly and the team will require guessing who wrote what. 2. Life Highlights Game You’ll need to spare 30 minutes for playing this amazing game at Corporate Events UAE office parties team hurdle meets and other relevant areas. The game serves as an excellent icebreaker activity that can be played within small as well as large groups. Each member will require closing his/her eyes for a minute and will have to remember the best moments of their lives. After a minute the facilitator will ask mates to decide if given a chance what 30 seconds of their life they would love to relive again. Once the activity’s thinking part gets over the facilitator can ask mates to discuss the moments they wish to relive and why. The game can help team members to know more about each other’s interests desires passions and personalities. 3. Coin Logo It is one of the most prominent games used by event organizers in UAE during team meets corporate events awards nights and other relevant celebrations. The estimated time required for this game is 5-10 minutes and it adds much fun and excitement to your boring office get-together meets. Ask all the participants to empty their purses wallets and pockets and keep all the coins on the table in front of them. Teams can also share coins if none of the team members have a single

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coin. Once each team has at least one coin ask them to create a logo that represents them as a team. If you don’t find these activities interesting then you can browse other websites to research about activities that event organizers in UAE arrange to make the team meets more exciting and engaging.

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