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Play allows kids to use their creativeness whereas developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is vital to healthy brain development. it's through play that kids at a really early age interaction} and interact within the world around them. Play allows kids to make and explore a world they will master, capture their fears whereas practicing adult roles, generally in conjunction with different kids or adult caregivers. As they master their world, play helps kids develop new competencies that result in increased confidence and also the resiliency they'll got to face future challenges.


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WHO WE ARE… A pioneer in Early Childhood Care and Education we are the biggest playschool chain in Asia. With a fantastic network of quite 1900+ centers in over 750+ cities we are committed to spearheading kid development across India. Having touched the lives of over 900000 kids in India Wonderkidz a decade on remains focused on nurturing the ‘unique potential’ in each kid.

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TYPES OF PLAY Solitary Play Parallel Play

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TYPES OF PLAY Associative Play Cooperative Play

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TEACHING STRATEGIES FOR TODDLERS FROM TWELVE TO EIGHTEEN MONTHS Caregiver Strategy • Encourage use of mounting instrumentation like inclines or sturdy boxes • Provide a secure space and a target for toddlers to throw little soft objects • Put toys and objects wherever theyll reach grasp and move them Objective • Helps toddlers develop massive muscle coordination and balance • Encourage massive and little muscle development • Encourage eye-hand coordination Physical Development

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TEACHING STRATEGIES FOR TODDLERS FROM TWELVE TO EIGHTEEN MONTHS Caregiver Strategy • Consistently smile and laugh to point out happiness. Use a firm voice and no smile to point out anger • Provide opportunities and props for acting out concern insecurity joy and anger Objective • Helps toddlers develop confidence in recognizing emotions in others • Encourage toddlers to precise emotions and resolve conflicts Emotional Development

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TEACHING STRATEGIES FOR TODDLERS FROM TWELVE TO EIGHTEEN MONTHS Caregiver Strategy • Provide sample materials and toys thus sharing could also be inspired however not needed Objective • Helps toddlers develop a positive self- concept Social Development

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TEACHING STRATEGIES FOR TODDLERS FROM TWELVE TO EIGHTEEN MONTHS Caregiver Strategy • Allow child time to figure out solutions to puzzles • Identify concepts or themes in toddlers’ symbolic play that appear necessary to them • Recognize meanings of toddlers’ use of words • Patiently answer toddlers’ queries in easy clear short sentences Objective • Help toddlers develop use of mental trial and error skills • Help determine areas vital to fulfilling the toddlers’ desires • Provide insight into the toddlers’ which means of various words and ideas • Help toddlers develop correct language skills through imitation of positive model Cognitive and Language Development

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CHILD’S TELESCOPE Cognitive Connections  Classification  Recognition  Language and vocabulary  Joint attention  Perspective taking

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CHILD’S PUPPETS Cognitive Connections  Imagination  Abstract thinking  Language  Sequencing

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PLAY LITERACY AND DEVELOPMENT FOR TODDLERS  Math  Science  Physical movement  Outdoor play  Art  Music

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THANKYOU Wonderkidz 1st Floor Rachna Trade Center Above PNB Bank Chuna Bhatti Kolar RoadBhopal M.P. Mob:6262332244E-Mail Us:- Useful Links:- Play school franchise How start a preschool Play school in Mumbai Best preschool franchise in India Nursery school admission Our play school fee structure

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