How to Maintain Kitchen Appliances to Avoid Repairs

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Are you also taking your kitchen appliances for granted? Then, here is how to maintain kitchen appliances with which you can avoid repairs.


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How to Maintain Kitchen Appliances to Avoid Repairs:

How to Maintain Kitche n Appliances to Avoid Repairs


Clean the condenser coils regularly. The coils get covered with dirt, hair, grime, etc. which puts added stress on the refrigerator’s components. Refrigerator 2


Dismantle the juicer and toss out any mash left in the juicer container. When clean, rinse each piece under running water and leave in the dish rack to air dry. Juicer 3


Put a cup of white vinegar in the top shelf of the empty dishwasher and run it with cold water. This always does the trick. Dishwasher 4


Y ou must always cover the food that you are heating to avoid the unwanted splashes This always does the trick. Microwave 5

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