WNY Holdings LLC Suggests What to Do to Get Your Company Noticed on So


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WNY Holdings | #WNYwednesday | What to Do to Get Your Company Noticed on Social Media


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WNY Holdings LLC Suggests What to Do to Get Your Company Noticed on Social Media:

WNY Holdings LLC Suggests What to Do to Get Your Company Noticed on Social Media


Nearly every business owner is by now familiar with the idea that a presence on social media makes sense. Studies actually suggest that 9 out of 10 businesses have a presence on at least one social media platform. Attempting to engage audiences on social media can be a frustrating experience for many small businesses, however. Many businesses compete for what tends to be short consumer attention spans. In this article, digital marketing company WNY Holdings LLC shares strategies that your business can implement to stand out on social media and grab the interest of your audience.

Find Influencers:

Find Influencers

Have Conversations with Your Audience:

Have Conversations with Your Audience Most people who share their images and messages online get little interest back from their friends. To stand apart from the competition, you need to be the company that takes an interest in its followers. Ask your followers questions about their opinion about your product. Doing this can help you show your audience members that they are important to you. When you interact with your audience members on a regular basis, you can be sure that they will remember you the next time they need to make a purchase.

Let Your Audience See That You’re Human:

Let Your Audience See That You’re Human Businesses aren’t people and are therefore not very relatable. It’s possible to put a human face on a business, however. Talk on social media about your story as an entrepreneur, about your struggles, and how you finally made it. Putting your story out there can help you set your company apart from competitors who do nothing but talk about their promotions.

Use Imagery:

Use Imagery Posts that have images and videos are viewed far more often the posts that do not. As long as you use high-quality images, you’ll make your posts interesting and worthy of engagement to your users. It’s important to put some thought into the images that you use, however. If you’re on Facebook, for instance, you’d want to use images in which the primary color in use wasn’t the same blue as Facebook’s theme color. Develop a recognizable color palette for your business, and make sure that you use it in images that you post.



About WNY Holdings LLC:

About WNY Holdings LLC WNY Holdings LLC was started in 2018 to provide industry-leading marketing services for small businesses. The founders are a husband and wife team, Ben and Melissa, who left their corporate jobs to specialize in helping restaurants, coffee shops, and retailers utilize tailored digital marketing strategies to attract visitors and turn them into loyal customers. WNY Holdings offers services such as content marketing, web design, graphic design, media creation, SEO, and Facebook advertising. They focus on creating an excellent user experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Throughout the process, ongoing data analysis and custom reporting help clients track and understand how their digital marketing efforts are helping their businesses thrive. Article originally published on socialmediaexplorer.com

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