Neil Beckman Motivation and the Brain

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Motivation and the Brain : 

Motivation and the Brain By Neil Beckman

What motivation does : 

What motivation does Motivation alerts the brain Motivation Promotes memory

Affects of motivation : 

Affects of motivation Motivation produces emotions Motivation makes things easier to be remember With motivation Brain prepares for what is going to be asked

Effects of Motivations : 

Effects of Motivations Motivated people can get as much as ten times more benefit then people that are not motivated.

Reward is key : 

Reward is key High reward things are more likely to be remembered. Low reward things are less likely to be remembered then high reward things.

Motivation and age : 

Motivation and age As people get older they are no longer motivated by physical things but by mental and emotional things.

Key factors of motivation : 

Key factors of motivation Emotions Feedback past experiences meaning

Feedback : 

Feedback positive stimulates the prefrontal cortex to reflect on ways to improve performance Negative produces stress and results in the release of cortisol so that the individual goes into survival mode

Influences on motivation : 

Influences on motivation Emotions Feedback past experiences meaning

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