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Meet the Books

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True story Shark attack Loses her arm Tale of determination Will Bethany surf again?

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Three young boys Survived attack on their village Personal recounts of their experiences Story written from the children’s eyes True story

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Child who survived his country’s civil war In the government army at age 13 True story Extraordinary details of death and destruction

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Short biographical sketches Individuals who have overcome adversities Real life heroes

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True story Third person Survival theme About the outdoors Paulsen tells of the real life situations that inspired the book Hatchet

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Partial autobiography Late 1940’s and early1950’s Dare devil stunts Each chapter is an event Additional information given about the time period

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Stories about Paulsen’s dogs Adventure in the wilderness Happiness is the theme Informative reading

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Fiction Deals with anger, rage and hate in a young boy Circle justice – system that tries to heal the offender, victim and community Banished to an isolated island for one year Theme of survival

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