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If you are planning to expand your blog’s reach, you need to choose the right plugins for your blogs. Listed below are some of the best WordPress plugins for blogs which are tested and are proven to enhance the quality of blogs.


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If you are planning to start a blog and are using WordPress you can make use of some of the best WordPress plugins to turn your regular blog into something very unique. Like the applications available for smartphones there a number of free and premium plugins available for WordPress. You will be surprised to see that just a few seconds of installation can help you yield dramatic results. While not all the plugins are created equal bloggers can browse through the best plugins that will add additional features to your WordPress blog. Did you ever wonder why your WordPress blog needs a plug-in. A right plug-in will add needed functionality to a blog and will also help the visitors to navigate through the website properly. Plugins are often developed to assist the blog owners with multiple purposes and there are a few that are only helpful for specific purposes. But it is important to only add the plugins that are needed as more plugins can even slow down your website. If you are planning to expand your blog’s reach you need to choose the right plugins for your blogs. Listed below are some of the best

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WordPress plugins for blogs which are tested and are proven to enhance the quality of blogs. 1. Yoast SEO If you have just started blogging you cannot go far without search engine optimization. One of the best plugins out there that can help you with SEO is Yoast SEO. This is one of the most trusted plug-ins which is upgraded from time to time to keep it in sync with the changing algorithms of Google. The plug-in has amazing features that help you blog effectively by optimizing the keywords along with the synonyms. The plug-in also enables you to check the readability of the content and provides you with the Flesch Reading Ease score. 2. Jetpack Another popular WordPress plug-in Jetpack is used on blogs and websites created using WordPress. The plug-in helps to detect spam and malware using the brute force attack protection. So any unwanted malware and intrusions can be prevented by using this plug-in. Users can also use this plug-in to take backups in real-time and works effectively even when you have multiple blogs to take care of. The plug-in also optimizes the images providing your blog with a good bandwidth which in turn helps to load it faster. 3. Broken Link Checker Worried about broken links Well not anymore The Broken link checker plug-in from WordPress makes the task easy. The plug-in

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when installed scans the website thoroughly for broken links and gives a notification once it finds any. This process makes it easy for blog owners to detect any broken links and fix them immediately. The plug-in also scans for any broken images as well as redirects. 4. Everest Forms Whenever a blog post is published you will have visitors who would likely contact you if they have questions to ask about it. This is when you need to have contact forms on your website. Everest Form is one such plug-in that makes the whole process of creating forms easy on your blog. Everest forms is also popular for its easy to use interface and users can easily customize it using the feature of drag of drop. The template includes two pre-designed forms that can be used immediately if you are looking for any customization. 5. Revive Old Posts While there are some plugins that improve the functionality of the website there are others like Revive Old Posts that increase the traffic to the WordPress blog. The Revive Old Posts plug-in picks up the old blog posts which are more than a year old and posts them to social media. Users can fill easily fill their social feed with interesting old blog posts that will push a lot of traffic to your blog. 6. Akismet Ask a blog owner and he would suggest you to use Akismet to get rid of spam. A number of blogs to get affected due to spam and this can happen quite often if you do not put a tab on it.

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Spam of any kind can easily contaminate your blog via the comments or the contact form section. Blog owners can use Akismet plug-in to get rid of spam as it blocks any harmful content after thorough scanning of comment and contact form submissions. You will be surprised to know that people have used this plug-in to remove more than 400 billion spams to date. 7. CoSchedule If you have a huge blog to handle you certainly need help and CoSchedule does just that. It is a very beautiful and functional editorial calendar that helps blog owners plan and assign new blog writing to the team. The plug-in can also be used to collaborate on various blog posts and also to promote them once published. If you have a multi-author blog this plug-in is a must-have. 8. Optimole The speed of a blog depends on various factors and the image size is one of them. The Optimole plug-in helps to optimize the images that are uploaded to the blogs helping the blog load faster. Once the plug- in is installed the process of uploading images to your WordPress blog also gets quicker. If you are facing slow load times on your blog or suffering from server overloads the Optimole plug-in does come to your rescue. Just install the plug-in and optimize the images to see a major difference in our blog’s load time. 9. UpdraftPlus

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Blog owners often want to create a back-up for their blogs and this can be due to various reasons. UpdraftPlus is a plug-in that helps to backup and then restore your blog in case an incident like hacking or technical difficulty occurs. Users can also use this plug-in to create a back-up of their contacts and save then on cloud databases like Google Drive or Dropbox or ICloud. 10. Easy Social Sharing You create a blog with some interesting blog posts buy you cannot get the needed traffic if you do not get the word out there. Easy social sharing is one such plug-in that helps your blog visitors to share your content on their social media feeds. This is beneficial as it can drive a lot of traffic to your blog. Visitors have an option to share your blogs with the world via 18 social media networks and this is huge The above mentioned are few of the best WordPress plugins for blogs which can be used to enhance the overall performance. Blog owners can choose the plugins based on their blog niche. The plugins not only enhance the appearance of your blog but can help you reach your target audience. WISERTECH SOLUTIONS Wisertech Solutions is a leading Digital Marketing Company in Vancouver provide best quality Web Development Software Development E-Commerce Development Mobile App Development SEO Services and more Services With our experts team. For More Details visit here

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