Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln:

By: Oscar Huang Abraham Lincoln

Birth and life:

Birth and life Abraham was born on February 12, 1809, in Kentucky.

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By the time Abraham was born, Thomas Lincoln(HIS DAD) owned two 600 acre farms.

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Nine year old, his mother died of milk sickness in 1818.

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After the death of Lincoln’s mother his sister Sarah took charge of caring for him until their father remarried.

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Thomas Lincoln had a second wife named Sarah Bush Lincoln.

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Grew from a boy of seven to a man of twenty-one on the wild Indiana boundary.

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Abraham grew 193 centimeters before he was twenty.


job Abraham Lincoln was the 16 th president of United States. He was one of the best presidents of United States .

Marriage :

Marriage On 1819, December second he married a girl named Marry Todd.

Children :

Children Robert Todd Lincoln,1843 Edward Baker Lincoln,1846 Willie Lincoln,1850 Thomas Tad Lincoln,1853

death death:

death death 1865

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