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Wipe New is a brand new breakthrough auto detailing product that makes use of unique nano-polymer technology to immediately restore the shine and patina of numerous surfaces. It's actually no shock that this invention is being recognized as possibly the biggest breakthroughs in automobile renewal because it boasts the power to offer beautiful and durable effects. Results that rework even faded and worn material into a showroom new look upon application and before ones eyes. Wipe New is so assured of their product that they provide a two year money back guarantee and according to the numerous positive Wipe New reviews it is apparent that not many shoppers avail themselves to this beneficiant offer. This degree of self belief from the creators of Wipe New (as well as the good consumer critiques) joined with the no risk nature of a purchase makes this product a no brainer purchase for one trying to restore the visual attraction of their automobile.


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Wipe New:

Wipe New Showroom New Shine for Years with a Wipe

PowerPoint Presentation: Wipe New is a new state-of-the-art auto detailing product which uses proprietary nano-polymer technology to instantly restore the shine and lustre of countless surfaces. It is really no surprise that this product is being hailed as one of the greatest breakthroughs in automotive restoration since it boasts the ability to provide stunning and long lasting results. Results that transform even faded and weathered material into a showroom new appearance upon application and before ones eyes.

PowerPoint Presentation: Wipe New is so confident in their product that they offer a 2 year money back guarantee and from the countless positive Wipe New reviews it is apparent that not many consumers avail themselves to this generous offer. This level of confidence from the creators of Wipe New (as well as the great consumer reviews) joined with the risk free nature of a purchase makes this product a no-brainer purchase for one looking to restore the visual appeal of their vehicle.

PowerPoint Presentation: What sets Wipe New apart from other auto detailing products is that it not only provides a renewed appearance but it also binds to surfaces in order to protect them from further wear and tear. With one application Wipe New will literally rejuvenate the appearance of surfaces for many years to come.

PowerPoint Presentation: This amazing feature is highly coveted by automotive enthusiasts as most car care products require continual application in order to maintain optimal shine and lustre. The proprietary nano-polymer technology eliminates the need for this extra work and expense.

PowerPoint Presentation: Wipe New is extremely easy to use and is applied as any other detailing product- just wipe it on once and enjoy enduring results. Wipe New is ideal for returning the sheen to: Steering Wheels Consoles Door Panels Headlights Bumpers Wheels and Rims Dashboards Side Mirrors

PowerPoint Presentation: Wipe New is trusted by auto detailing professionals and works perfectly for interior and exterior surfaces. If one is looking to enhance the appearance of their vehicle, RV, boat or even their motorcycle Wipe New is the answer. In reality, the breakthrough nano-polymer technology integrated into the formation of Wipe New makes it the only option for getting unparalleled restoration results which last for years.

PowerPoint Presentation: Results that not only last but also protect and safeguard the surfaces from future wear with only one application. Why resort to using a product that quickly dulls and requires reapplication when you can purchase Wipe New and enjoy results that endure for years? Save your time and money while showcasing jaw dropping results.

PowerPoint Presentation: Best of all, these extreme savings are being further maximized when you buy Wipe New online. For a limited time, all Wipe New purchases are doubled(2 for 1) and accompanied with a complimentary pro detail kit for no extra cost. This means that for under $20 you will get: 2 bottles of Wipe New 2 yellow Wipe New applicator cloths 1 red headlight applicator 1 blue headlight polishing block 1 detail brush 1 pair of nitrile gloves Be sure to get the biggest bang for your buck and buy Wipe New today before this exclusive online offer expires.

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