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Prof. Dhiraj Chauhan and Juhee Chauhan – the skills motivational speaker of ‘Winurself’ imparts extraordinary skill development so that individuals accelerate towards higher career heights.


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Different Types of Motivational Speakers:

Different Types of Motivational Speakers

Success Motivational Speaker:

Success Motivational Speaker We need to figure out that what we are having in our mind. Is it just a mere ‘WISH’ that we are waiting to see happen in our life, or, is it the burning ‘DESIRE’ that is making our night sleepless- followed with the day-dream? It is the ‘Action’ with the salts of consciousness- towards a ‘WISH’ – that convert a ‘Wish’ into the ‘DESIRE.’ Then why Success Motivational Speaker when I know this Success Mantra?


To fact, having distinguished between the both, what follows next is crucial for achieving success. Success Motivational Speaker ignites the spark in them who are just having a wishful life or career. And on the other side, ‘Desirous’ people get the motivation to be consistent in their path which is followed to achieve success- through motivational and inspiring words of Success Motivational Speaker

Career Motivational Speaker:

Career Motivational Speaker A thin line exists between ‘JOB’ and ‘CAREER’. To come to the realisation that whether I am leading a secured job, or, I am leading to a great career- is a difficult one, which very rarely comes to us. Speech of the Career Motivational Speaker has guided many such persons struggling to find work-life balance and very importantly, at the same, person seeking for a guidance, which will reignite the passion- to make a quick and great career shift or to be consistent with the career choices made- to consistently move ahead towards the success.

Skills Motivational Speaker:

Skills Motivational Speaker Skills motivational speaker focuses on the following areas: To uncover the desired Goal of Life What is difference between the Life Goal and the Career Goal? What are the frequent mistakes when we set Goals? What are the different Personality Type? What are the Strengths & Weaknesses of each personality types?


What is the guaranteed process which takes you to achieve the Goal? How Visualization of the goal and Feeling towards Goal increases the pace of success achievement? How to persist the Positivity and Winning Attitude? Motivation for the Fighting Spirit to knock-out the Challenges and Hurdles! The reasons that we are not able to achieve Goals! 8 type of intelligence

Corporate Motivational Speaker:

Corporate Motivational Speaker I f anyone thinks that such influence, motivation and inspiration can be sought through other media then company’s growth rate is very probable to slow down and as a real fact, many are witnessing. No art or expression can defy the magic or influence of that of ‘ORATOR’. Words spoken has the great effect on human minds and is for the Corporate Motivational Speaker. As the saying goes “Teach me and I learn, engage me and I become knowledgeable, Involve me and I become educated”, what must be preferred is clear.


There is a very thin line between success motivation, career motivation, skill motivation and corporate motivation having different emotional attributes of a person or employee. Consult ‘ Winurself ’ to know what you or your entity needs.

Winurself Core areas:

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