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Diamond necklace is perfect gift for anyone. The Diamonds Factory has wide range of beautiful neckwear jewelry. Here are some helpful tips on choosing a diamond necklace as a gift.


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Diamond Necklace

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Difference between Diamond Necklace & Pendant There is a difference between a diamond necklace and a pendant made from the same precious stone. But people often find this confusing, with some even going on to think that they are the same thing. Necklaces are found in the form of chains designed with diamonds and other precious stones. On the other hand, a pendant is a small piece of jewelry hanging from a simple chain made of white/yellow gold, silver, platinum, etc. Pendants together with a simple metal chain too are considered as a necklace type but, these are usually not that heavily designed. A single stone in a basket setting and hung from a simple metal chain is one of the most popular designs and is commonly known as diamond solitaire necklaces. Necklaces can be designed with a solitaire diamond or with multiple stones.

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Useful Diamond Necklace Buying Tips The shape and design of a diamond are important factors, to be considered when buying a necklace. Other core factors include: Setting The metal used in the chain Length of the chain

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Diamond Setting Prong setting is the most popular choice for necklaces as it uses the least amount of metal. The setting also allows the most light to enter the diamond, increasing the sparkle and brilliance. Bezel setting is among the older styles and a great option for necklaces. The Diamonds Factory has a wide collection of necklaces with designs i ncluding prongs, paves, tension, bezels, bars and channel type of s ettings.

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Metal Color Options White gold, yellow gold and platinum are popular options for diamond necklaces. White gold goes well with lighter skin tones, while yellow gold is paired off with wheatish or dusky tones. Platinum has a similar color as white gold, but necklaces made from it tend to be priced relatively higher. At The Diamonds Factory, necklaces are available in 10K, 14K & 18K Yellow/White gold & platinum while chains for pendants are available in gold but not platinum.

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Length of the Chain The classical necklace length is between 15 and 16 inches. However, this may vary as per the individual preferences. Most of the necklaces fall into on of the below categories: Collar : These are meant to be worn just above the collarbone. Choker: These are worn around the base of the neck, 16 inches or shorter in length. Princess: Most popular types, hanging below collarbone to display the pendant. Matinee: A 20-24 inch matinee necklace falls gorgeously along the neck-line Opera: Opera length chains are usually longer, perfect accessory for dress, blouse or turtlenecks. Rope: These can be 30 inches or longer. This versatile necklace is a must have accessory.

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