A traveler’s guide book to California wine country tours


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A traveler’s guide book to California wine country tours :

A traveler’s guide book to California wine country tours

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What is wine tourism ? Wine tourism is meant to include, purchase and taste the wine that is at the nearby source. The purpose of wine tour is to visit the wineries, vineyards and restaurants. The California wine country tours is located in California of the United States and it is known famous for its wine growing. The Wine Country has undergone a boom in tourism and in 1975 there were only 25 Napa Valley wineries, but today there are over 400 wineries in Napa and Sonoma Counties. Tourists come to the wine counties not only for wine-tasting, but also for hiking, bicycling, hot air ballooning, and to view historic sites.

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Wineries: Most of these wine countries have wineries in which they produce wine separately. All the wine companies have the person who will be engaged in wine making and called as wine makers produce wines by wine making process. Napa Tours valley has the largest wine making process and people can find wineries and vineyards everywhere. Wine can be made in countries where the growth of grapes in abundance and the United States of America ranks three in top ten grape producers. In general, wine is made from the fermented grape juice and by adding some yeast to that.

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