Things to Consider When Building a Wine Cellar

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Insulate the walls of the wine cellar. If the room is unfinished, you can install standard insulation and install drywall or another wall material to conceal it. If the room is already finished, it can be tricky to install additional insulation. Finally, purchase wine racks and install them in your wine cellar. The size and number of wine racks you purchase will be determined by the number of wine bottles you plan to store in your wine cellar.


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Louis Bernard's Bio: Hello, I’m Louis Bernard and welcome to my website, Wine Cellar Designs. I’m an architect and wine-lover.

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In order to build a wine cellar, you are also required to install specialized lighting. While not as harmful as sunlight, artificial light can also prematurely help with the wine aging process. Recessed lighting in the ceiling would be the right choice. Consider using a dimmer switch in order to control the lighting with the intention to reduce and minimize the exposure of the wine to bright light.

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Please visit our website, Wine Cellar Get rid of the carpet from the room where you intend to build the wine cellar as the carpet can become moldy because of the temperature and humidity in a wine cellar. Choose a sealed concrete or tile floor for your wine cellar as to prevent the growth of mold.

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