Common Mistakes You Must Avoid while Measuring Windows

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Common Mistakes You Must Avoid while Measuring Windows

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 The window coverings like curtains and blinds will help you to keep a room comfortable and protect the furniture by preventing light from entering through the windows directly.  But you cannot pick the right window covering without measuring the windows precisely. While getting measurements you must measure the window opening instead of the old curtains or drapes.  Likewise you must use a steel tape measure instead of a cloth tape measure or ruler to get the measurements accurately.  At the same time you need to avoid a number of mistakes that homeowners make while measuring windows.

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Not Considering How the Curtains/Blinds will be mounted  You have option to mount a curtain or blind on either the inside of the window or outside of the window.  If you are planning the mount the curtain or blind outside of the window you must not forget to measure the exact size of external blind mounts.  Instead of measuring the window opening you need to capture the additional height and width required to mount the blinds.

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Not Capturing Fractional Measurements Exactly  While measuring a window many homeowners use tape measure or rulers. But they often forget to capture the fractional measures.  If you have no prior experience in measuring windows you must learn how to read the tape measure accurately.  In addition to capturing the big numbers you also need to count the hash after the big number to capture fractional measurements.

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Measuring Window Openings Only from the Inside  There are always chances that you may opt for hanging the covering on the outside of the window.  You cannot cover a window externally without measuring the height and width of its opening from outside. You can use the steel tape to take three evenly stepped measurements and identify the largest point. Not Double-Checking Window Measurements  Many homeowners buy wrong size blinds by mixing up a window ’s height and width. It is always important to measure the height width and depth accurately. At the same time you must not forget to double check the measurements to measurements are captured precisely.

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 On the whole you must spend some time to measure the height weight and depth of each window individually and separately.  It is also important to double check the measurements to eliminate chances of errors.  The precise measurement of windows will help you to pick the right window drapes or curtains.  For help with your window measurements or custom blind solutions in Auckland NZ visit Window Answers NZ. Or give us a call at 09 836 6222.

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